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June 3, 2017

Jim Sherman

Calvin Scott

Jordan Glover

Lubbock, Texas

Arizona - 6, Delaware - 5

JIM SHERMAN: How good a baseball game was that? I mean, to be here and see these guys play their heart out is a special feeling for me personally, and obviously our coaching staff, and then our program. I told these guys that they put Delaware baseball back kind of on the map again. We've had a pretty good reputation in past years, but being out of regionals for 16 years. Just a special day, special tournament. I appreciate everything that the hospital of Lubbock and Texas Tech, but just a great ballgame. I tip my hat to my players and obviously to Arizona, who ended up winning the game.

Q. Jordan, you were the left fielder. Can you just describe what you saw on the home run where you thought it was going to go out or if you thought you had a chance to catch it?
JORDAN GLOVER: I knew it was going over my head as soon as it got hit off the bat. I just tried to make as good of a play as possible, but it just was out of my reach.

Q. Calvin, you guys got the bats going, had trouble early on but got the bats going later on when you really needed to. What do you account for that, that you guys kind of got them going when you needed to?
CALVIN SCOTT: I think we just wanted to keep this thing going. We think we have a good team. We think we can compete with anyone in this tournament. We just realized that it's coming to a close, and we're a good late-inning team and we can get the bats going whenever we can. We put a good run on it, we just came up just a little bit short.

Q. Jordan, kind of like yesterday's game, did you guys kind of feel like you left a few runs out there, as well, today?
JORDAN GLOVER: Yeah, we just got the bats going a little bit too late, but we battled, and we just came up short this time. But it was a good battle.

Q. For either one of the players, did you feel like the weather delay kind of hurt your momentum a little bit because you had just rallied to tie the game and the crowd really seemed to be into it and then you couldn't play for like two hours?
JORDAN GLOVER: No, that's just baseball. Our team knows that. That's not our first weather, rain delay. We just knew we had to just come out and try to keep everything going like we left off.

Q. How did those games during the end of the delay kind of get started on you guys' end?
CALVIN SCOTT: We just tried to stay locked in for the whole time. As soon as we get back on the field, it's the same game we've been playing the whole time. We're used to it; we've been battling weather delays for the last two weeks, three weeks, and we thought we could compete. We thought we had the advantage because we're so used to it, but Arizona played well, and they got the W.

Q. Jim, what did you think of the starting effort that you got from Spadafino out there?
JIM SHERMAN: Tremendous. I couldn't ask for a better performance, especially proud of Spaddy's last -- Nick Spadafino, that is, his probably last three starts, last conference weekend, and in the conference and then in the regional here. He got us to that sixth inning and he was throwing outstanding. We wanted to go to our bullpen through Vila and Fitzpatrick and Meeker. Those guys have been helping us win, so pleasantly happy for Spads' continued success, and we got him back for next year, so that's a big deal for us.

Q. Easy to stick with Burke there when you came back out after the delay?
JIM SHERMAN: Yeah, he wanted it. He's got a resilient arm, and his arm was live, as you could see, and I give their kid credit. He just got a good pitch and stayed behind it and drove it to left field, and no second-guesses about that.

Q. You guys have been such a good hitting team all year. When you guys weren't hitting a lot through the first six, seven innings, whatever it was, did you kind of feel like, hey, there's nine innings in this game?
JIM SHERMAN: Yeah, baseball gods had to come our way sooner or later. We're saying, come on, we've got to get some hits going here. We've been too good all year long, and it played out that way in the eighth and ninth inning where we got it within two and we tied it in the ninth. So the bats came around, and we worked some good counts, too, and worked some walks, as well, in there. That's who we have been all year, and also down the stretch. That was just good baseball, and again, a great game, and unfortunately not the finish we wanted.

Q. Do you feel like the momentum was sort of shut off at all because of the weather delay after you guys tied the game and the crowd is kind of getting into it and stuff?
JIM SHERMAN: You know how it is. You sound like a crybaby if you say it does. I mean, you know, it's part of our game. It's not like a basketball game and all of a sudden the power goes out unexpected. Our game, whether it's lightning or rain, it can be halted at any time. Our kids are used to it. They're used to stopping, regearing, getting going, whether it's an hour, two hours. Hey, Arizona had to do the same exact thing, and they ended up winning the game. I would think Jay would say it didn't affect them in winning.

Q. Did the left fielders make a really nice play on Ake when he got thrown out at second?
JIM SHERMAN: Yeah, they were in a no-double situation, and he cut it off and Ake's not the most fleet of foot. He thought he'd give it a shot, and he probably would second-guess that opportunity now, and the kid had to throw a strike and he did, and as in baseball, you risk some things and you come out on the good end, and sometimes you come out on the short end, and we came out on the short end of that one.

Q. You guys were tough, which like yesterday, go to extra innings today. Is there something you can take from that with two teams that were in the College World Series last year knowing you guys were this close to build on for next year?
JIM SHERMAN: Perfect question. Really, I mean, you're playing two premier programs in the country, programs that have been in the World Series, and you know, that old expression, Del-a-where? Like where are you? You know, well, we've had some really good teams over the years, and it goes back -- and even to the day when I played at Delaware in the late '70s and '80s, but in recent years, with the conference championships, we've lost. This past year was the fourth time in the conference championship and we finally got it. But playing well is the feather in the hat at least. You wanted to win, but playing at Tech in this atmosphere, just I can't commend you guys how well we were treated and how well a college baseball program and regionals that you guys run. Some day, some day, I'm hoping that at Delaware we'll have those -- we'll have lights. We'll have those type of 4,000, 5,000 seats in our stadium and we can host a regional.

Premier names. It's fun to play them. I think we showed that we can play with them.

Q. You kind of already answered this, but more specifically when you first came in, you said you haven't been out to West Texas before. The fans were behind you in the second game cheering for you guys. Did your students mention how that was for them?
JIM SHERMAN: Hey, West Texas, you're my home away from home. That felt good, and the kids recognized that. When Calvin got that hit up the middle and we tied it, as I turned away that fifth run coming across to tie it and I saw that wave of Texas Tech fans, which let alone our own fans, which we had great support here, but the Texas Tech fans coming out of their seats, you're never too old to enjoy those moments, and our kids are going to remember it for a lifetime. So thank you, Lubbock, and thank you, Texas Tech. You guys got a special place here.

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