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June 3, 2017

Michael Robertson

Christian Sanchez

Jose Camacho

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Rice - 13, Texas Southern - 6

THE MODERATOR: Mike, we'll get you to talk about a little bit here.

MICHAEL ROBERTSON: Well, a great venue. I think one of the best places to have an opportunity to play here, period, whether you're playing in a regional tournament or just coming here to play for the regular season. Everything really first class.

In terms of the season, man, it's probably the toughest one in 30 years for me because I don't ever remember a time we traveled so much. Out of 48 ball games, we played 36 on the road, and we asked our kids to hang in there, hang in there, and pick up their stuff for graduation. And give it all you got, and they indeed did that.

They stayed the course. We started this August the 24th. Everything that we accomplished this season was a by-product of what we started on that day. So I'm very proud of my kids, the way they performed, and the way we stayed in there throughout the season.

THE MODERATOR: First baseman Jose Camacho, big day for you, 2 for 4. Talk a little bit about the quick start in the first inning and also your season.

JOSE CAMACHO: This season, I explained that everything was an up and down season. We had to overcome a lot of adversity, and we did it as a team. The year -- we won our tournament, which was great. So we played for it. This year was special. We felt like it was special, and we could have done more. Everything comes to an end sometime.

THE MODERATOR: Right fielder Christian Sanchez, 3 for 5, three RBIs. Please talk about the early start in the first inning and also the year.

CHRISTIAN SANCHEZ: My teammates responded by jumping in early. We knew we were going to battle, but we just needed to finish. Just blessed to be here.

THE MODERATOR: We'll take questions of coaches, student-athletes.

Q. Coach, after that early lead, you all looked to be in control. Just what happened from there?
MICHAEL ROBERTSON: Well, the thing that's been haunting us throughout this tournament is missing pitches, leaving pitches up, walking them.

They put a little bit of pressure on us in the second inning. I thought we helped them a little bit, but they put some good swings on the ball. I thought we had to make quality pitches. Oliver was okay in the first inning, and then the second inning he wasn't able to land his breaking ball, and then he lost command of his fastball. So they were able to get five runs in the second inning.

We got through the middle innings okay, but, again, we've got to keep scoring. We're in a situation here in the tournament where you've got to keep putting pressure. You're playing for everything.

I thought we competed well up until the seventh inning, and then again, Chandler put a good swing on it, and I think that really got them going. From there, we just left some pitches up, and they capitalized. They did what they're supposed to do when you miss pitches.

THE MODERATOR: Anything for the student-athletes? Congratulations on a great year.

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