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June 3, 2017

Justin Thomas

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Ask you about 10, it was a good bogey. Walk us through that hole and what happened and the save.
JUSTIN THOMAS: I hit a great 3-wood there. It's a tough tee shot for me. And I just hit an awful 7-iron. I shouldn't have been trying to go at that pin, because that left bunker you can use the slope and get it close. I was trying to play right of the pin because using the slope and with the pin being left and I just pushed it. It was a really, really bad swing. But I shouldn't have been going at the pin. And it was sitting okay. I felt like I could get the club under it and I was really trying to hit a huge flop. It was like hitting off concrete.

It was weird because I felt like -- I could tell it was firm, but I didn't think it was that firm. I felt like it was hard pan and it was going to go a little farther. And I hit the dead center of the ball and it went about 60 yards.

Q. How thankful were you to get a bogey and not what it could have been?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it was a great up-and-down. Those are the ones that save some rounds. You never know, that could have been the up-and-down that ends up winning me the tournament, who knows.

Q. (No microphone.)
JUSTIN THOMAS: She said I made her day and life a lot easier.

Q. How much leaderboard watching were you doing? Obviously you're paying attention to your own game, but this was quite a moving day?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I was looking at them whenever they're in front of me. They're pretty big. They're kind of hard to miss. They're probably -- I guess they kind of do have them about every hole. Just glance at them. Saturday is not really a time to change game plan because of where you are. I was happy to see I was closer to the the lead, obviously, but, yeah, I was just trying to go play my game.

Q. Who all is here for you?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Mom, dad and grandparents, yeah.

Q. Is it more distracting to play with your best friend?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No. We're out there playing golf. We're not too worried about the fact that we're friends.

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