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June 2, 2017

Jordan Glover

Ron Marinaccio

Jim Sherman

Lubbock, Texas

Delaware - 2, Texas Tech - 5

THE MODERATOR: Coach Sherman, an opening statement.

COACH SHERMAN: Heck of a ballgame. I had kind of mentioned to my couple of assistants, and we probably threw 300 pitches in the game between both clubs, came down to two pitches. We smoked that ball down to third and Jung, if he can't catch that ball, he's going to tear his head off, believe it or not, and obviously go down in the corner for a double, and we're going to tie the game. We're going to have second and third, nobody out. Then the other pitch was probably the hanging breaking ball that last inning that Garcia hit out to put them up three runs.

So it came down to two pitches of 300 pitches in this ballgame. Other than that, I thought we played well. I thought Ronnie threw very well. Obviously, I tip my hat to Texas Tech on how they played and how they pitched. So good ballgame. Good college ballgame and good Regional.

Q. Ronnie, how difficult was it coming back out to pitch after the 90-minute delay?
RON MARINACCIO: I mean, it felt good coming back. Arm felt good, was working fine. I just struggled with the zone a little bit that inning with, I think, two walks. Then I hit the one kid on the elbow. But, other than that, my arm felt fine coming back.

Q. Jordan, you guys obviously got some guys on base today. Did it just kind of come down to not getting the key hits when you needed to, and obviously Texas Tech came up with some big defensive plays, the four double-plays in particular?
JORDAN GLOVER: Yeah, like Coach just said, if a couple plays go the opposite way, that would be the difference in the game. But both teams played good. So it just comes down to those little plays that could have gone either way.

Q. They obviously went the other direction and took their starter out of the game and went with their bullpen. What did you see from the Texas Tech bullpen that limited you all today?
JORDAN GLOVER: They were a good bullpen. Our hitters, we just needed to get a few better hits and in better spots. A few hits in better spots, that was the difference in the game. But in games like that with that good of pitching, it's going to be a battle. We just came out on the opposite end today.

Q. Jordan, how is that a challenge when you keep seeing different pitchers like that every time? You come up, one guy throws hard --
JORDAN GLOVER: Yeah, it's definitely a challenge. It's harder to get a rhythm if you see four different pitchers in the same game. But you've just got to battle through that and try your best.

Q. I guess obviously they went the other way with the bullpen. Did you have any thoughts as if you were keeping Ron in or if you were going to take him out?
COACH SHERMAN: We probably would have crossed that line if it went deeper into time. Maybe if it was going into past the two-hour mark. We were in kind of a weight room, and the temperature was just room temperature. It wasn't real warm, it wasn't real cold. We kept a heating pad on it. So, I think we're just right at that time limit where we had to make that call. I don't think I would have been able to drag Ronnie out of there even probably after two hours. So kind of made the decision a little easier, and he fared well.

Q. Do you remember many games where you hit into that many double-plays? I mean, did you feel like you guys were hitting the ball hard but they were just kind of doing what they needed to do defensively and making good plays?
COACH SHERMAN: Yeah, I mean, somewhere along the line we've probably hit more double-plays. You know, that's what good pitching does. It forces the ball away from the good part of the barrel. That's because of talent.

You know Tech has talent out of the pen. Let's tip our hat to those guys. You know, the inning that we had to make it happen, again, I go back to that line drive to Jung at third base and they're in a bunt defense. He's up on the grass and we were going to bunt the first pitch. The kid threw it high, and I took it off and let Ake swing, and he hits a rocket and we all witness that.

What was more amazing about that play, let alone how the young man caught the ball, was having the feel to get it out of his glove than to feather it as he's falling on his butt giving the second baseman, who is going to be late to the bag, to get there in time because of how he feathered the ball. I mean let alone in self-defense catching it. Talent, and then having the mind to understand how to feather the ball, mentally, good talent. So that made a difference in the ballgame.

It maybe deflated us a little bit. But, I go back two pitches I mean in a 300 pitch ballgame and those two pitches, Garcia's home run, and the line drive that he snagged, different.

Q. Just curious if coming to the ballpark today no one on the opposite side with Davis Martin if you guys did go into a rain delay, did you feel like that could work out in your favor, particularly for Ron who has been a guy who has been up and down as far as coming out of the bullpen at times this year that you could have an advantage in that sense?
COACH SHERMAN: Yeah, I mean, you could look at that. That might have maybe favored us because of Marinaccio had been in the bullpen this year and came back out of the bullpen. Martin, who has come off of a little stay on as we'd call the DL, not really a DL in college baseball, but some tendonitis in his arm. I know Coach was wanting to be careful with him. So we were pretty sure they were going to make a pitching change. So we just had to wait to see what number was going to be out there. They ran some pretty good kids out there.

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