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June 2, 2017

Jason Dufner

Dublin, Ohio

Q. How did today compare to yesterday?
JASON DUFNER: Pretty equal, actually. I had a lot of good shots. Probably had a couple more looks for birdie today than I did yesterday. And the eagle came a little different. That's always nice. They were pretty similar today and yesterday.

Q. Can you talk us through the details of that shot that you holed on the 18th hole there?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, pretty good number for the club I had. I knew that if I hit it pretty well, I'd fly around pin-high. And the greens were receptive this morning. Knew I couldn't get it over the back if it landed pin-high. I was using that bank a little bit. It did exactly what I thought it would do. And then for it to go in is a lot of luck.

Q. We heard you talk yesterday about your putting. We saw examples of great putting. And we heard you speak about the breathing. Can you talk about that?
JASON DUFNER: It's pretty simple, actually. Just trying to work on my breathing pattern a little bit and kind of feel like I'm in slow motion with my routine, slow motion with my breathing and just get that right so I'm not so tense.

Putting has been a bit of a struggle with me at times. It seems to relax me and also gives me something to think about other than making putts. I kind of get my line the way I want it and get a feel for the speed. Once I'm over it, I'm more focused on my breathing and how I want that to be as opposed to trying to hole those putts and putting the pressure on making a good stroke.

Q. You've gone low twice already in a row this week. That's the strategy going into the weekend?
JASON DUFNER: We'll see how the golf course firms up. Possibility of some showers which would soften it up, which would make it easier to score. Usually the golf course gets more difficult on the weekends here. So we'll have to just kind of adjust as we see it starting tomorrow.

Q. Took care of that bogey on 18 with a little revenge here. Tell me about the eagle.
JASON DUFNER: I had a really good number for that club, and I knew there was a little bit of a bank back there. That number was going to fly right around pin-high, or that club was going to fly right around pin-high or a little short. I knew I couldn't get in much trouble going long. And for it to go in was luck.

Q. Were the greens quicker this morning?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, they were a little bit faster, I thought. They've been mowing them and rolling them and double cutting them or whatever they're doing, I'm not sure. They're a little bit quicker in the morning. I had some putts early on that kind of got away from me a little bit but adjusted.

Q. Most players say I've been working on my putting, my wedges, my chipping. You've been working on your breathing. Expound on that.
JASON DUFNER: Just trying to work on my routine and incorporate that into my routine. I did that a lot last year. Early in the year got away from it a little bit. Trying to work on my routine. We focus on the physical stuff a lot out here, but more often than not it's more mental changes that give you more success and more confidence.

Q. You've been here before. A couple of years ago you were in the same position, leading going into the weekend. What did you learn from two years ago?
JASON DUFNER: I just need to keep playing well. I know that's a cliché and all that. But I feel pretty comfortable out here on the PGA Tour. I've been in leads a lot on the weekend. I just need to get off to a nice start, hit some greens, and roll in a couple of putts early on.

Q. 65 on Thursday, with an equal 65 today. We talked yesterday and you said everything through your bag was solid. The same song and dance today, as well?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, did everything pretty well. Would have liked to hit a couple more fairways. A couple missed fairways on the back nine. But pretty good. I hit my irons when I was in the fairways good. The rough is pretty tough out here. You don't have much control in the rough. I made some nice pars and rolled in some putts.

Q. Have you altered anything about your putting approach over the last few weeks or days?
JASON DUFNER: It's been the whole year, actually. I went back and started using a putting iron as a training device. It not only helps me with my stroke but it helps with the setup. It makes sure I'm consistently the same distance away from the ball, the ball is in the same spot, my feet width is the same. That's really given me a lot of confidence to know I'm set up the same way and can get square. And my routine has been better this week.

Q. When you've had two great rounds now heading into the weekend, what mindset does that put you in?
JASON DUFNER: Two more rounds to go. So we'll see how the course changes, if the wind picks up, gets firm, fast, plays different. We're used to that out here on the PGA Tour. If we get some showers, it might be soft and more scorable. It's an adjustment and see where you're at.

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