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June 2, 2017

Jenny Shin

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. Solid opening round. What was the key to it?
JENNY SHIN: Putted better. I think I had a little bit more confidence in my shots compared to last week and a few weeks before that.

So I tried to stick with my routine and it helped.

Q. What's the key to that new confidence coming into this week?
JENNY SHIN: It's really the mindset. I've been struggling a lot this year, and I think that's a part of the reason why I've been lacking with it.

But it was really simple. Just changed the mindset that I had, a bit of a putting change, and that's been helping a bit.

It's a combination of both, I think.

Q. Do you have allergies or are you sick?
JENNY SHIN: I have really bad allergies. I've been suffering all day today.

Q. Any advantage for you playing late?
JENNY SHIN: No, absolutely not. Maybe a disadvantage. We had a few bumps out there on the putting green. It was getting slower and bumpier. Hopefully I'll have better conditions for tomorrow and go low again.

Q. Was the wind an issue this afternoon?
JENNY SHIN: Other than my allergies, no. I think it's not as windy as it was a few years back. It's just enough to get the bugs away, so it's pretty good.

Q. What was the shot or hole that got you pointed in the right direction? You made consecutive birdies, like four in a row?
JENNY SHIN: Right. No. 3 I two-putted for birdie, and then it just kind of kept rolling in from there.

My putting was goof on the front nine as well, so probably the putts, yeah.

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