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June 2, 2017

Klay Thompson

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. You played a great game on defense, but you shot 3-for-16 from the floor. How satisfied are you for of your defense and how unhappy are you for the way you shot the ball?
KLAY THOMPSON: Well, obviously I could have shot the ball much better. Hope to make a few more of those on Sunday and instead of win by 20, win by 30, I guess (chuckling). If we have that same defensive effort collectively, we'll be really tough to beat. We know Cleveland is going to play better on Sunday. They're obviously not going to turn the ball over as much. They will probably shoot the ball at a higher clip. But I still think if we play defense like that, we can come away with the win.

Q. I saw the ESPN report that Steve Kerr could potentially return for Game 2. Have you heard anything about that. What's the status there?
KLAY THOMPSON: I hope he comes back as soon as possible. I haven't heard anything.

Q. I think the Cavs were 1-of-12 shooting when you were defending them, with that crazy shot from Kyrie being the only one they made. Are you aware of that in a game, that they're not making any shots against you? Or is that something you figure out later on as you go back and watch?
KLAY THOMPSON: I think in the game I'm just trying to play possession by possession. But it's something I did take notice after the game. I was happy with my performance on that side of the ball, being locked in defensively. It didn't matter who I was guarding, I was trying to make it tough on them just to get a good look.

Q. You're averaging about 10 points a game less this year than last year in the playoffs. What kind of adjustment has it been for you with Durant and sharing the ball with Durant and Curry?
KLAY THOMPSON: It's been a great adjustment. Last year's playoffs felt like a war every game. This year we're 13-0 and playing at a very high level. But we still got a long way to go. We know what our goal is, and that's a championship. But up to this point, you couldn't ask for a better start.

Q. What I meant, though, is you personally, not getting as many looks as you had in the past.
KLAY THOMPSON: That's not a big deal at all. If I score six points a game and it gets us four wins and an NBA championship, I can do that every year. I'm not about getting numbers. I'm not about getting these gaudy stats. At the end of the day, if you win the last game, you had a great season. And that's our goal. That's what we come to expect every year now. It's a great position to be in.

It might be a judgment for me, but it's for the betterment of the team and I'm willing to do it.

Q. Were you surprised of what you were guys were able to achieve, especially in the second half?
KLAY THOMPSON: I wasn't surprised because I know we're capable of big runs, especially if we play defense at that high of a level. I think the turnovers led to great opportunities for us in transition. They won't have 20 turnovers next game, so we can't rely heavily on that. We just have to play a tough style of defense, which we will do.

Q. What can we tell the people that are learning to love the game in Britain about The Finals and the way you guys are playing?
KLAY THOMPSON: We hope you guys enjoy The Finals. We know it's football-dominated, so it's cool to see that there are some NBA fans. I hope you guys enjoy our show and enjoy The Finals.

Q. When you were out there last night and you watched the Cavs kind of run away as Durant's heading toward the rim unguarded for dunks, what goes through your mind there? Does it feel like they were confused when you see something like that happen over and over again?
KLAY THOMPSON: I thought Kevin was great at getting to the rim last night, in transition and in the half court. I think the Cavs on Sunday will make a plan to not let him get so many easy buckets around the rim. So we're going to have to help him out as far as knocking shots down from the perimeter, especially me. But I thought he played a phenomenal game. I expect the Cavs to play a more physical game on Sunday to combat that.

Q. Obviously he played great. The point is more did it feel or look like the Cavs were confused? Durant had seven dunks with no one around him in the first half.
KLAY THOMPSON: I think it would be deflating for anybody if someone was getting tomahawk dunks like that. But I know it's not going to affect them on Sunday. They just wanted to come in here and get one [win in the first two games]. That's the goal of a road team. So we have to have the mindset of a must win, because yesterday's great game almost means nothing if we lose on Sunday and don't take care of business.

At times, they probably did get deflated when Kevin was getting those dunks. It's deflating for any team, any competitor. That's natural. But it's not going to hold them back on Sunday. They're a team that you obviously can't count out.

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