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June 1, 2017

Kyrie Irving

Oakland, California: Postgame

Warriors - 113, Cavaliers - 91

Q. What is the thing you're most disappointed about of this Game 1?
KYRIE IRVING: There's no time to be disappointed. I think that just thinking about the next game, things that we can correct going forward. They capitalized a lot on our mistakes, a lot of transition, easy baskets that we can't allow going into Game 2.

So definitely a lot of things we can correct and get better at, watch film tomorrow, and go from there.

Q. When it comes to your defense, what do you feel like is most correctable from this game to the next one?
KYRIE IRVING: Well, it's a combination. A lot of our communication on our switches were pretty good tonight. I just think that we got to limit a lot of their transition baskets as well as their easy transition threes as well as their offensive rebounding. We do that, then we put ourselves in a better position.

And then offensively we just got to take care of the basketball. Had a few too many turnovers tonight. 20 in The Finals, definitely not going to get it done. So as a team and collectively, we just have to take it home and make a conscious effort to take care of the basketball and don't overthink out there.

Q. You just mentioned that you want to limit their transition, obviously not turning it over will help, but how do you deal with their speed in transition? How do you stop them in transition?
KYRIE IRVING: Just taking quality shots and understanding that we will be cross-matched in transition, Klay's guarding me, Steph is on Swish, so a lot of our actions on the defensive end, a lot of our communication, we're just going to have to dig our feet in and be able to guard the basketball.

So it's more or less a heart thing, a prideful thing. Going into Game 2 we'll be a lot more settled in, a lot better on the defensive end. Offensively, I mean, we still have to take good shots against this great team. So we'll get better.

Q. So much was made about the layoff for both teams. Would you attribute to any of the thoughts of rust being a factor in your play tonight as a team?
KYRIE IRVING: Well, there's no way can you simulate the Warriors offense, so when you come out here, and no matter how greatly prepared you are, you know going against them and being in a game is totally different. So I'm glad that we got Game 1 out of the way. And to have this type of game and have an effort that we put forward, it's definitely some things that are correctable.

So just go forward, continue to have a mindset that the goal at hand which we want to accomplish is going to be definitely a tough one. So Game 1 of the series is done, and now we move on to Game 2.

Q. Late in the third quarter, I think three minutes to go, it's a 12-point game, they go on a run to make it 22. Did it feel like a 12-point game, if that makes any sense? Did you feel like you were gaining? And, again, I know turnovers contributed to that, but did you feel a shift there I guess?
KYRIE IRVING: Well, the shift came in the first about two minutes and 30 seconds after halftime. That's something that we have to limit going forward, especially when it's an eight-point game. We have done a good job of limiting them to certain things going into halftime, had a few too many mistakes, and then coming out of halftime they just jump on us. Great teams do that.

So they came out, K.D. hits a big three, Steph hits a big three, and then they go on a run and it goes from eight to 16 in a matter of literally a two-minute span. So when you're playing against a dangerous team like we are playing in the Warriors, and they have great pieces, just got to stay disciplined, understand that every possession is all out, and we'll be fine.

MODERATOR: Thank you, Kyrie.

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