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June 1, 2017

William McGirt

Dublin, Ohio

Q. What was it like to play a round as the defending champion? Did you get a nice reaction from people?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Yeah, it was pretty neat. Playing with those two guys, they were kind of the main attraction. I did hear several times, Who's that? Who's that? That's the defending champion. It was kind of neat. I felt like I played better than I scored.

Q. Did it feel like you had not left or it had been a while?
WILLIAM McGIRT: No, it was like coming right back in and being completely comfortable, especially that first nine holes. One bad swing on 18, and really it was bad shot selection, trying to cut a 7-iron back in there instead of hitting a straight one and taking it left of the hole.

It's hard to figure out the wind. All day it seemed like it moved here, there and everywhere.

Q. When you've won somewhere, is that a lot of confidence coming back?
WILLIAM McGIRT: For sure. I mean, you know, you can get it done out there. The first eight holes, 13 through 17, hit a great putt on 14, good putt on 17. Neither one of those went in. It was kind of falling right back into where I was last year. Very comfortable here.

Q. You mentioned the wind. Can you talk about the conditions in general and what kind of strategy you had on a day when conditions are like this?
WILLIAM McGIRT: There wasn't a whole lot of wind, but what there was moved all over the place. We were joking on the 6th tee, was it just me or did it seem like we played the last five holes into the wind? And it's no, that's what's going on here. It kind of gets in the these and the low areas and just kind of swirls, it's kind of hard to figure out. You still have to be a little bit cautious, because you catch the wrong gust and end up in a place you can't finish from. You have to be a little careful there.

All in all it was pretty darned gettable out there today and I just didn't take advantage of it.

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