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September 26, 2003

Cameron Beckman


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: San Antonio resident, Cameron Beckman, thanks for joining us for a couple of minutes. Good round today, 67. Talk about the conditions. A little more difficult as far as scoring-wise. What was going on on the golf course today?

CAMERON BECKMAN: It was definitely playing longer. Right out of the box it was raining and the ball wasn't going as far. It got nice there after about four or five holes. The greens are receptive and I putted good. I didn't hit it well today, but I putted well.

Q. How is your neck?

CAMERON BECKMAN: My neck is fine. My back still bothers me. I'm going to need some help for the weekend. That's for sure. The morning tee time was tough for me. I didn't feel comfortable today at all. I putted good, and every time it seemed like I had a chance to make a birdie I made it. If I needed to get up and down, I did. I don't know who is leading, but hopefully I'll be in the area.

Q. Do you expect the course to be easier this afternoon?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I think so. There will be some more good scores this afternoon. There doesn't seem to be any wind. I don't think 10 under is going to be leading the tournament, that's for sure.

Q. You talked yesterday you were going to need some help last night and you were going to get up this morning and stretch. What did you do in particular to get ready?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I have a trainer that travels with the Tour that comes over to the house and gave me a massage and stretched, and I had a chiropractor come over this morning. I've got them all going.

Q. How early were they working on you this morning?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I think we started about 6:00.

Q. Do you think the weather -- obviously yesterday it was a little warmer, today it's wet, a little cooler.

CAMERON BECKMAN: I think it had something to do with it. Because I felt better yesterday and it was the same thing. We'll see. I'll definitely be getting a lot of work done tomorrow. The later tee time is going to help me.

Q. How do you explain shooting as well as you do with pain?

CAMERON BECKMAN: The only thing I can think of is I don't have a lot of expectations. I'm easy on myself. I'm not feeling as good, although yesterday I hit it great, and today it was really mediocre and then I putted good. I don't know, maybe it's expectations.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: You may have touched on this yesterday. You played well yesterday, Top-10, and probably secured your card for next year. Does that help your game as far as you don't have to worry about keeping your card, as well as just going out and trying to win a golf tournament.

CAMERON BECKMAN: That's exactly right. Yesterday I felt great all day, and it was a totally different feeling all of a sudden. I've been stressed out about keeping my card. You just don't want to go to Tour School. You don't want to do all that. Even though I would have had status, I would have finished in the top 150, it just limits it. I feel great this week. Mentally, I'm playing with a lot of confidence. I think it's from the finish last week and the fact I don't have to go to Tour School.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Let's go through your round. You had a birdie on 11.

CAMERON BECKMAN: I hit it about 15 feet on 11 and made that.

12, I hit it in the hazard off the tee and made 6 and didn't know what I was going to shoot. I had a terrible shot off the tee. And I chipped in on the next hole for two.


CAMERON BECKMAN: 16, I hit it about 15 feet.

And 18, I hit it about six feet.

No. 1, I hit it about seven feet. And then what else did I birdie?


CAMERON BECKMAN: I had a bad shot off the tee and didn't get up and down.


CAMERON BECKMAN: I hit it six feet.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Any really good par saves out there today that kept the round going?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I don't think I had too many. Shooting 3 under today with a double and a bogey is pretty good. It was pretty much just because I putted good. It would be nice to keep it up for the weekend.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: As far as the course playing longer today, with the wet conditions, is it hard to keep your glove dry, to have your clubs dry?

CAMERON BECKMAN: It was just kind of sprinkling this morning, it wasn't really a downpour, but it's a pain, I never like to play in the rain.

Q. How long was the chip in on 13?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Short. A little chip from here to the chair there. I was just barely off the green.

End of FastScripts.

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