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May 31, 2017

Frankie Capan

Ben Wong

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Initial Reactions walking back to the clubhouse

Q. How do you feel about winning the third U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Championship?
FRANKIE CAPAN: Oh, I feel great. We've been playing well all week. I feel like our games kind of, slowly, were improving throughout the week. But, right now it's just all adrenaline. I feel good that it's over now.

Q. What do you think, Ben? What is your initial reaction becoming a USGA Champion?
BEN WONG: It's pretty unreal. It's still sinking in. The last putt on 17, Frankie and I had the mentality of us always being 1-down and playing our hardest. Right now it's just kind of sinking in that we won the whole thing. We obviously played our best golf this week, and just really, really just overwhelmed right now.

Trophy Presentation

BEN WONG: I'm actually really nervous to come up here. More nervous than my putt on 17. Coming back to Pinehurst is awesome. I used to come to U.S. Kids events here every single year, and we played number 4 and number 8. We missed out on playing on No. 2 though, and we were really bummed out, I remember. Frankie and I kind of just were kind of salty about it.

But knowing that the Four-Ball was back here this year, we were just extremely excited. Being on the same team coming off of the loss last year at Winged Foot, we were just so pumped to get back to Pinehurst. Qualifying in October, September, I can’t remember, but from that day on, we just looked forward to this moment. Not this moment, but this tournament.

We're just really excited. Really didn't expect this happening, honestly. We came in here with low expectations. I wouldn't say high expectations, but just medium. Just tried to play the best golf we can. One shot at a time, one match at a time, and eventually, I mean, we came out this morning with the win and found ourselves in the finals with two awesome players, Kyle and Clark, who played awesome. Phenomenal golf. Hard to keep up with.

Just right now I'm a little overwhelmed. It's all a surreal feeling. It's still trying to sink in that we're USGA Champions. But I'd like to thank our partners, our two caddies, Bradley and Dave, who have been there every single match from the practice rounds until today. Just telling me to hit. "Dude, you need less break. You need less break." I had to trust it, and I actually made my putt on 17.

Really, Bradley, thank you. I really appreciate it.

Dave, thank you.

And I'd like to thank everyone who came out today to support us, especially in the final. The gallery was unreal. It was a great feeling playing all 17 holes with such a great crowd. It was an awesome atmosphere. We just thank you.

Mr. Capan, Frankie's dad, and of course, my dad who came all the way across the world from China to support me. Thank you.

FRANKIE CAPAN: I don't know how I follow that up. But, like Ben said, ever since our first USGA event it's been a real honor to play any USGA match. First off, I would like to thank all of the USGA staff for making this event possible. Especially championship chairman, Mark Reinemann, for everything you do. And, also, championship director, Bill McCarthy. Thank you.

This tournament has meant a lot to Ben and I over the past couple years and it's a real honor.

I would also like to thank Tom Pashley, the President here at Pinehurst. The course is in phenomenal condition, and it's a real treat to play the last four or five days. I would also like to thank director of golf, Ben Bridgers, and the entire golf staff. The greens were unbelievable.

I'd also like to thank the chairman and all of the volunteers. I think there were 400-plus volunteers, and this event wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Thank you very much. Also, thank you to all the fans who came out to support us this afternoon. Thank you for all your support.

Now, I'd like to present the players scroll to championship director, Brian Fahey. Also, thanks to Kyle and Clark. They were awesome players. Starting off, we knew we were in trouble and had to fight to keep up.

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