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May 30, 2017

Brad Dalke

Blaine Hale

Grant Hirschman

Ryan Hybl

Max McGreevy

Rylee Reinertson

Sugar Grove, Illinois

THE MODERATOR: We are joined tonight by the first of our two National Championship qualifying teams, the Oklahoma Sooners. Joining us this evening are Head Coach Ryan Hybl and student-athletes Blaine Hale, Max McGreevy, Rylee Reinertson, Grant Hirschman and Brad Dalke. Coach, if you would start us out with a quick statement about what this means for your program.

RYAN HYBL: Well, obviously we're really excited about what's going on. It's been a great week for us. We've been playing good golf all week long, and our guys did something really special this morning, whenever we were playing against Baylor. We fought hard and got back into all the matches and ended up getting three points, one closing it out on the 19th hole, which was really special. I think we carried that momentum over to this afternoon, and our guys took care of business. Our first three guys got the first three points, and I thought they played some really good golf.

We're excited about tomorrow, the challenges, and trying to soak all this up at the same time, and hopefully we're going to go play some good golf tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Max, talk a little bit about what you were talking about in the clubhouse a few minutes ago about the number of days of golf to get to this point, the endurance test for a golf team to be able to get to the national championship.

MAX McGREEVY: Yeah, we played a practice round and had a fun round before, so this is either our eighth or ninth round in seven or eight days, so definitely a lot of golf. But that's what we live for, so we're excited, and the adrenaline is pumping. It doesn't really matter how many holes we play, we're going to be ready to go.

THE MODERATOR: Brad, what does it take to get through match play? What does it mean to be a survivor at this point to get to the national championship match?

BRAD DALKE: I mean, I think it shows what our team is like. I mean, we're all gritty. We never give up, and that's what you need in match play. I mean, this morning showed we all came back from a deficit going to the back nine, and match play you can just never give up, and to be able to survive this long, it just shows what kind of team we are. We just never give up.

THE MODERATOR: Blaine, you got an early point for your team. Talk about your match and what were the keys today?

BLAINE HALE: I played really good this afternoon. I kind of kept the ball in play, which I didn't really do in the morning match. I tried to keep the ball in play, and I got off to an early start on the front nine and kind of just held on coming down the stretch on the back nine. It was nice to get done early because then I could kind of watch these guys finish up their matches, but it's also nice because I know for these guys, getting that early first point lead is huge. I was glad I was able to kind of do my part in the afternoon.

THE MODERATOR: Rylee, talk about the game-clinching point for your team.

RYLEE REINERTSON: Yeah, it was definitely pretty cool to be the guy to clinch the match and get the team to the championship. I saw Blaine and Max took care of business, and I was pretty excited to finish it off at 17.

Q. Grant, talk about what this means to get to the National Championship and talk about playing against Oregon, some of the keys to tomorrow.
GRANT REINERTSON: I mean, it means a lot. We've been working towards this all year long. Ever since the season started up in the fall, we'd always think about coming back, grinding on every shot this week. But looking forward to tomorrow. We just need to keep doing what we've been doing because it's obviously been working and just focus on hitting good golf shots and not getting ahead of ourselves.

Q. Max, you've obviously been around this team longer than anyone here except for obviously Coach. Where does Rylee's work ethic in practice every day rank amongst all the players you've played with at Oklahoma?
MAX McGREEVY: Yeah, I definitely came into college thinking that I'd go on practicing and put my fair share of amount of time, and the amount of time he spends at our facility and just making sure his game is on point is pretty incredible. I feel like every time I'm up there, he's up there grinding longer than anyone else out there, so what he's done this last year, and you can tell the amount of work that he put in, has really paid off, and I couldn't be happier for him.

Q. Ryan, talk a little bit about tomorrow's match against Oregon, some of the keys in your mind going into it.
RYAN HYBL: Well, you know, what we're going to be concentrating on is the same things we think about every single day when we play golf, and that is to have each one of these guys in on every shot, and if we do that, that means that we'll have all five matches be competitive, and that was a big deal this morning. We didn't have any runaways, which allowed everybody to switch that momentum at the right time. Same thing with this afternoon. We didn't let anybody get away from us, and I think that's going to be the big key for tomorrow is just making sure that we've got all five of these guys in every match. Oregon is going to be tough, we know that. They've got great players. They've got a great coach, and they won it last year.

But you know what, I believe in my guys, and they're ready to go do something great tomorrow.

Q. Same question, what's it going to take?
BRAD DALKE: I mean, we have to go out there and execute. You know, we can't be -- we've got to stay focused on every shot. We've got to try to stay in the ballgame. It's just a matter of whether we play better than them, honestly. I mean, they're a great team, but we have a hell of a team, too. I mean, I think we can do it.

Q. Brad, obviously back in the day at U.S. Juniors you kind of had trouble advancing really deep in match play, and then last year it all seemed to click for you at the Am; how big confidence-wise was that week for you in terms of how much confidence do you have now playing match play that you can play like we saw this morning?
BRAD DALKE: Yeah, I mean, I think match play is one of my strengths. I feel like I love the pressure. I loved this morning what I was feeling down the 19th hole. I just loved that moment, having the team watching me and being under that pressure. I just loved that moment so much. I think match play brings that out a lot, just there's a lot of times when you're 1-down going to the last hole or all square, and I think match play is so much fun because of that. There's just kind of that certain uniqueness about it that you don't really get out of stroke play, and I love match play. It's a lot of fun.

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations. Thanks for being with us. Good luck tomorrow.

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