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May 30, 2017

Marc Dull

Chip Brooke

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

MARC DULL: You got the 1-up after seven, and what did we birdie, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14. So in the middle of the round, we just didn't give them any breathing room at all. We played great. Just one or the other, either way, all the way through.

Q. That's what you have to do in this format, right?
CHIP BROOKE: Yeah, absolutely. You kind of get a feel of your opponents but also your partner. Marc was hitting it great all day, and although I spent a bit of the front nine in the trees, I was able to get some good lies and hit some good shots that gave him some confidence to hit them really close. Then on the back nine, I was able to finally hit a couple fairways, make some birdies, and just keep the pressure on these guys.

We were hitting them 10, 12 feet before we even got a chance to hit. When you're winning in Match Play, it just puts that added pressure on the guys to kind of force them to hit some good shots, which they did. They made a couple unbelievable birdies, but we were very fortunate to hit some good shots and make some putts.

Q. You guys this morning --
MARC DULL: We played great this morning.

Q. You guys were going 1-up on 18, and you lose it?
MARC DULL: They make birdie, yeah.

Q. Obviously, you got your play back in order between lunch and the other round?
MARC DULL: We played great this morning. We shot 4-under through the 19 holes that we played this morning. We didn't make a bogey this morning. We played great. They played good, too. I mean, we fought hard today. We played great.

CHIP BROOKE: Connor (SIC) makes a 50-footer on 18. I'm ready to hang my visor on my bag and go shake their hands and halfway I stopped looking because I knew it was in. He was clutch for them all day. And then on the playoff hole Marc just stepped up and smoked driver and hit wedge in there a few feet. We were able to get through that match.

Being 2-up with three to go, and they birdie 16 and 18, you've got to tip your cap because that's great playing by them.

MARC DULL: This afternoon was definitely our best collective round where we both played well. Other rounds some guy plays good for six or seven holes, we both played.

CHIP BROOKE: I think we were 5-under through 15 today.

MARC DULL: After the five holes, after the fifth hole, we both played really well the rest of the way. Both of us. It was the first time we both played well at the same time.

Q. You have potentially another long day tomorrow?
MARC DULL: That's right. I've been through this before.


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