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May 30, 2017

Patrick Christovich

Garrett Rank

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. Congratulations.


Q. That was a pretty clutch birdie on 15, that was yours; correct?
GARRETT RANK: Yes, the first ball I got to the hole today, huh? Todd Mitchell and I were both, he was probably about eight feet, I was 12 feet. Patrick hit a really hard shot to the middle of the green, and for him to get the ball, the birdie in the hole first, I think that was huge. It put a lot of pressure on them.

PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: The last three or four holes I hit really good putts. Two of them stayed in right in front, and the other one was right next to the hole. So finally had a little momentum going. Hit a rare green for me today and just luckily got that thing in the hole.

GARRETT RANK: Played quite well the whole match.

PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: Played really well.

GARRETT RANK: Stayed pretty aggressive, and they kind of flipped the momentum on us on number 12.

They both hit it right in the trees, and Patrick and I were stone dead on the fairway. We both hit great approach shot. And they hit two great shots on the green, and Scott rolled a 30, 35-footer, and that kind of gave him some momentum. We were playing quite well.

PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: Yeah. We were very controlled all day.

GARRETT RANK: We were in trouble the next. Todd stuck it on the next hole, and he didn't make his putt.

PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: It was a good match.

GARRETT RANK: It was a great match.

PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: Every match we've played so far has been pretty similar.

Q. You knew that was going to be a tough one too, right?
PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: Yeah, probably four of the top 10 Mid Amateur players in the world playing in the same group. It's fun to play against your friends, and obviously you want to win and the competition is high. But, yeah, played quite well today.

Q. Have either of you played in a match against Todd or Nathan previously?
GARRETT RANK: I haven't.

PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: I played Scott at the 2012 U.S. Mid-Am. I was fresh out of the gates and I think I was 9-under through 12 holes and went 8 in 7.

GARRETT RANK: Are we playing Todd and Nathan in the morning?

Q. No, they didn't. They lost on 18, actually. So, you're playing Clark and Kyle.

Q. Congratulations. Anything else you want to say?
GARRETT RANK: No, I'm just tired.

PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: Me too, actually.

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