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May 29, 2017

Patrick Christovich

Garrett Rank

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. Congratulations. Big round of 32 win coming out of the playoff today. Just talk to me a little bit about the playoff this morning and what it's like to wake-up and have to face that pressure so early in the day?
PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: Waking up early is not the problem. 8 for 6 is pretty good odds. You make a couple pars and you should make it through. We were fortunate to get a birdie on the second and got to have some breakfast.

Q. Then you get matched up against a pair of teenagers, young kids, some swagger from North Carolina?

Q. What was it like playing these two today?
GARRETT RANK: They were great players. They played really well. Patrick and I have a lot of experience, so I don't know if they knew that or not. But when you get to this stage of the USGA Championship, throw the seeds out the window and just go out and play because anyone can win on any given day. It is just whoever plays the best. Unfortunately for them, we played quite well, and they played quite well as well, but we were one better at the end of the day.

Q. You were up-and-down throughout the round, right? Was there any standout moments?
PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: Yeah, we were never down from what I remember.

Q. You were never down?
PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: Made a good birdie on 3.


PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: And then matched, they hit the green, the par-5 in two and fortunately we hit one in there two feet to match that birdie. It seemed like we stole a couple of them from right there. They made the putt off the green on 7 where we were dead and they were putting for eagle. So we stole those two.

Just made a lot of decent sized putts today. But those boys had a ton of heart and a ton of -- they were ready for this match. It kind of helped energize us a little bit. They threw some fist pumps at us and kind of got me fired up, so we rallied back.

Q. What do you think about heading into tomorrow, 36 holes? I know you guys have play a lot of golf before, two rounds shouldn't be a problem?
GARRETT RANK: Yeah, just got to stay hydrated. Today was a stressful, long day in the sun. Just go home, get hydrated, get some food into us, and just conserve some energy. It's a long day, and with how hot it is, it's even more of a grind. So just stay patient and get some rest. Should be fine.

PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: We've done it before, and fortunately it's a golf course where you can run it out when you get tired and use some crazy old-man shots.

Q. So these two have played quite a bit before. How about you? Have you played number 2 before this week?
PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: This is my first week.

GARRETT RANK: I came down twice in the hockey season when I was doing the Hurricanes games and played a couple of rounds with some family friends that live in the area. So it wasn't my first time seeing it this week, but very new and still kind of learning it a bit.

PATRICK CHRISTOVICH: But it's similar golf. Recently I've played two or three tournaments on courses just like this where it's very target oriented. You get to run it up and play it on the sands.

Q. How long was your putt on 7?

Q. 17?
GARRETT RANK: Oh, 17, probably a 50-footer.


GARRETT RANK: Good two-putt there. They kind of opened the door for us by missing the green off the tee. It was a typical USGA par-3. When you get to these championships, you'd like to make two, but three is a great score. In the past, I've lost a lot of holes making four in match play on par-3s, so I just knew a solid shot to get on the green and a two-putt would give ourselves a chance to win.

Q. How many games did you guys play this year?
GARRETT RANK: I did 75 games. It was a long season.

Q. Is that the most you've done so far in your career?
GARRETT RANK: Yeah, that was my first full-time season. I've been working for the NHL for the past three years, but split my time between the AHL and NHL.

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