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April 15, 2004

Cameron Beckman


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Cameron, for joining us for a few minutes here in the media center at the MCI Heritage. Great round, 4 under par, 67, and low man in the clubhouse right now. Not a lot of low scores today, not a lot of players in the 60s. Why not talk about your day and the round

CAMERON BECKMAN: I'm actually surprised that the scores are the way they are. I would never thought 4 under par. This late in the day it's a little bit of a surprise. But I putted great today. I think I had 24 putts, which is good for me lately. I haven't putted particularly well this year, and it feels good.

Q. Were the conditions good for scoring out there today?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, I mean, I think I wouldn't be surprised if the afternoon scores were better than the morning scores as a whole. The wind laid down. We had a couple of holes, maybe. I was the second group out today and it is tough out there, because it kind of swirls in the trees and things like that. But it just really wasn't that tough. I'm surprised.

Q. Talk a little bit about 2002 here, where you shot the 63 in the second round, and then what happened in the 4th round and maybe lessons you took from that that have helped you today and also maybe since then?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I played in 2002 on the last day I mean, I played poorly that day. But a lot of I came in here thinking if I could get back in position, it would be great. I played here enough now to kind of know the golf course and things like that. I definitely learned some lessons that day.

Q. Do you find yourself reflecting back more on that 63 than the 78?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I haven't thought about any of that past stuff. This golf course if you're not paying attention out here, you're going to make some mistakes. I felt like I was just doing my thing and working on my game today. I just putted unbelievable.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Speaking of that, let's go over your round here on your birdies and bogeys. No. 5, the par 5.

CAMERON BECKMAN: I chipped up and made about a 10 footer on that hole. And then I made about a 20 footer on 9.

I birdied 11. It was about a 20 footer.

13, I made about a 40 footer.

15, I made about a 5 footer there.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Did you have a chance for eagle?



CAMERON BECKMAN: 18, I hit it in the left hazard, just chipped it out and missed about a 20 footer.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Any other long putts on holes for par?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, I made some good par putts, ten feet and in.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Nothing in the 20, 25 range?

CAMERON BECKMAN: No. Like I said, I'm so excited with the way I putted today, it's scary. I had a putting green put in my backyard and I spent all week on it last week, and hopefully it will pay off.

Q. You said you learned some things from 2002 when you played with Justin. Was that about you or was that about the course, how to manage yourself on Sunday, what did you learn?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Just some club selections off some of the tees and things like that. Maybe this golf course you have to be so patient on, you have to be careful off the tees and what you're doing. I played pretty conservative today as to where I was pressing a little bit. If you're going to press and play aggressively you're going to get bit, and I think that's what I did on Sunday with Justin.

Q. What type of putting green did you put in, was that a flat surface like here?

CAMERON BECKMAN: It's similar. It has a little undulation in it. But I spent so much time on it last week and changed my routine a little bit and putted like a little kid today, it was a blast.

Q. Is it artificial?


Q. How much time did you spend on the putting green?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I spent a couple hours every day.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: When did you put that in, last week.

CAMERON BECKMAN: I played the two weeks prior, and it was being put in, and then I got home and it was waiting to go. And I had putted so poorly.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Like a week ago Monday, Monday of the Masters week.

Q. When you talked about all the different things about the golf course that you obviously know fairly well, the specific places you have to hit it. When you shot that 63, did that fool you a little bit, that maybe this thing isn't that tough, and then you learned it can be?

CAMERON BECKMAN: The day before Davis shot 62, and I got done and I said I didn't know it was possible to shoot that score, and then I shot 29 on the front, and I just like this place. I don't know what it is. Every shot is it's curving this way, curving this way, it has a nice visual feel for me. And we'll see.

Q. It has given up some pretty low scores over the years, but it's also capable of jumping up and biting you?

CAMERON BECKMAN: It really I'm really confused a lot of scores aren't better.

Q. I guess they said it was the wind, mostly?

CAMERON BECKMAN: We've had wind before in the past, I think. Although, 18 into the wind is tough. It's a different wind than we usually have.

Q. Would you typify your game that you like to work the ball both ways?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I like to cut it, but especially off the tees. But here you kind of have to work it both ways. It's a challenge. I like to just try to picture the shot and see if I can hit it without really trying to do things. I didn't drive it particularly well. In fact, I'm going to go hit some balls here in a second. I like to be creative.

End of FastScripts.

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