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May 28, 2017

Mike Fox

Tyler Lynn

Louisville, Kentucky

Florida State - 7, North Carolina - 3

MIKE FOX: We'll move on. Enjoyed our week here. Appreciate the hospitality how well we were treated. We look forward certainly to next weekend.

Q. Tyler, after Florida State scored in the 8th, you guys got runners on, both in the eighth and the ninth. It's sort of indicative of how this team has responded all year. What do you think your general takeaways are from the week?
TYLER LYNN: It we're going to compete until the final out. You know, we're just going to stick with our approach in that situation. Try to get something going. But it's a sign of a great team. You know, we're just going to keep competing until someone tells us to stop.

Q. Being a senior on this team, how excited are you, looking forward to your first chance to play in the NCAA Tournament?
TYLER LYNN: It's going to be fun. I've never played in it. So hopefully this prepared us for it but it's going to be a blast, especially playing back home in front of our fans. It's going to be fun.

Q. You guys responded right away, didn't score any more runs, but just kept battling there. Just talk about how that reflects on the team.
MIKE FOX: Yeah, well, we have done that all year. I think the bottom of the fourth, I believe, probably came back to bite us a little bit. We got the bases loaded with no outs and a chance to extend the lead. You've got to give Parish credit. He made some really good pitches and you don't get many opportunities to extend the lead like that in the game.

We could have done that right there. So I think that gave them momentum back in their dugout. But they just played a little bit better than we did today.

Q. Tough one for Josh, but I think one of the big takeaways for the week is how well the bullpen performed. Talk about how the team looks going forward.
MIKE FOX: Well, our bullpen did pitch well. So I think we're ready for next weekend, and you know, Josh Hyatt has been just unbelievably good for us all year.

So you know, that kind of inning has to happen. Glad it kind of happens here and maybe not going forward. Again, you have to give Florida State, you have to give them credit. They move the ball with two strikes, and got a couple big hits, and of course the home run from Mendoza.

Q. You probably don't want to use it as an excuse, but what time did you get back to the hotel last night?
MIKE FOX: 12:15.

Q. You're probably used to playing games at night. Was it really that big an adjustment to have to turn around and play again at noon?
TYLER LYNN: No, it wasn't too bad it. Wasn't ideal but we were ready to play.

MIKE FOX: Yeah, I was more tired than they were. But I'm not playing, so it's all good. These kids, that's not a big deal.

TYLER LYNN: Student athletes, late nights, early mornings; that's just the way it is.

MIKE FOX: It's like staying up late and going to class the next morning.

TYLER LYNN: Yeah, we're used to it.

Q. Were you planning to go with your starter longer than you ended up there in the third inning or what went into that decision?
MIKE FOX: Well, we didn't like the fact, we walked a couple guys there that inning, and we had plenty of arms and we felt like we needed to go to Suggy right there with the breaking ball. I thought we got a good start from Tyler. That was pretty impressive going out the first two innings, the ACC Championship game as a freshman, throw the ball well.

But we get a 3-0 lead, it's kind of crazy how it works. You get a 3-0 lead, you'd think the pitchers go out there and just say, okay, here we go, I'm going to challenge you. It doesn't work that way sometimes.

I thought Sugg was terrific, and you know, again, we didn't really have an ideal number of innings for Tyler to go for us.

Q. You kind of alluded to it, but can you just talk about how difficult -- the way you guys played your first three games, just how difficult this tournament is to win because of the competition level.
MIKE FOX: Well, I mean, I've always said, I think no matter the format, whatever format we use, this might be a more difficult tournament to win than maybe a regional, because there's so many really, really good teams in this league.

Obviously Florida State has been playing well, and it is a tough tournament to win. That's why you see it spread out amongst a lot of schools here over the years.

Q. Are you guys going to be on the bus --
MIKE FOX: We're going to be on the bus for quite some time, yes. I'm sure we'll find out.

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