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May 28, 2017

Henrik Stenson

Surrey, England

Q. We spoke yesterday, in difficult conditions, you weren't extremely happy with your round but how do you feel today after a final round 68?
HENRIK STENSON: There was certainly some good stuff in there for sure, but I'm not playing good. Too many unforced errors, and this was definitely the best chance for me to win this tournament over all the years I've played it.

A little disappointed to not have better than my B or C game, and I certainly paid the price for a couple of errant tee shots today that led to bogeys, but I made almost enough birdies to be out there. I think I made seven birdies. Made enough putts and made enough birdies, but a couple errant shots certainly cost me.

Q. We talked about building up momentum towards The Open. What's pleased you most over the four days?
HENRIK STENSON: I think it's been parts of the short game. I think it's been the focus and the attitude of just like marching on. I've had plenty of practise to practise my patience and to keep calm after all the poor shots that I've hit. I feel like I've been in a pretty good state of mind and made a lot of good saves. So there's parts of it that's good.

Q. Obviously the first in the Rolex Series, fantastic crowds. The overall experience this week, have you enjoyed it? All the little side things we've seen you doing off-course, as well?
HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely. The crowds are amazing here. I really felt the support and we've had good attendance. BMW is doing a great job for us around the world with their golf tournaments. They are always first class, and everyone here at headquarters have been trying hard, too. So thanks to everyone involved, and thanks for the support.

Q. Looks like a fellow countryman, Alex Noren, with a fantastic 62 will win this tournament. Do you take a little crumb of comfort from that?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, he went out early and played a great round. I mean, I haven't seen any of it, but it must be a lot of good stuff in there to shoot 62, that's for sure. I think he timed it right, a good one; when the last groups hit 9, it started raining heavily and we played in some rain for a couple of holes there. I'm sure wasn't crying in the clubhouse at that point.

Q. When you saw the score of 11-under par did you change your game plan?
HENRIK STENSON: No, I started off pretty aggressive. Got it going early. Made four birdies in the first seven holes, and again, I paid the price on 9 for a bad tee shot. Made birdie on 11 and 12, and saw Alex was finished on 11-under, which was a phenomenal score to shoot 10-under. At that time it started pouring down pretty heavily.

Q. Nevertheless a fantastic finish. Do you feel like you're establishing a better relationship with this golf course?
HENRIK STENSON: Not really. I'm not a big fan of the golf course, never been -- never played that great here.

But it's been a great week. The crowds are fantastic and everyone here at headquarters and BMW is putting on a great venue for us. But I guess there's certain restaurants you just don't like, and there are certain golf courses you just don't get along with. For me, this is one of them.

Q. We have three major championships left in the year, building the momentum, what do you have to do?
HENRIK STENSON: I think I had a good mind-set this week. I was keeping my head down and taking all the poor shots that I managed to hit on the chin and moved on, and that's the mentality you have to bring to the majors. At least that was good and scrambling was good.

Just have to get a little bit of stability and confidence in the long game back, and hopefully we're not too far away.

Q. Wanted to get an assessment from you for your fellow Swede, Alex Noren, because that was an extraordinary round of golf. I know you didn't see it, but the numbers are incredible, aren't they.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I could see that -- I think he birdied 12, 13, 14, 16 and then finished off with an eagle. So 6-under the last six holes or something like that, six or seven holes. A great round of golf, of course, and I think timed it rather well. Because just when the leaders hit the turn, we were on 13, it started raining pretty heavily, as well. To try and make up two or three birdies coming in in those conditions was rather difficult.

So I kind of went backwards there and never really got much of a chance to threaten 11-under.

Q. It's his fifth win in the last 11 months. He's up to No. 8 in the world. Can you give us an appreciation, because you'll know him for a very long time.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, he's always been a hard worker. He's worked a lot on his game. Sometimes maybe too much. He seems to get injured a couple of times over the years in his wrist. You know, I think he's kind of found his formula. He's doing the same thing week-in and week-out, and it's obviously working. He's playing a pretty strong cut off the tee and his putting has just been phenomenal.

I played with him in the final round when he won in Nedbank last year and the putts that he made was extraordinary that last round. You know, if you can keep it in play and keep on making putts like that, you're going to be up there, and certainly well done to him today.

Q. You're a major winner. Is he a potential major winner for Sweden, as well?
HENRIK STENSON: It would be hard not to say that you can't see a major for him in the future if he keeps on playing like that. You know, he's played a bit more in America. I think that's a bit of a learning experience, to take the game across the Atlantic and get familiar with the courses over there. He's making progress and yeah, he's had a very impressive year.

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