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May 27, 2017

Dylan Busby

Mike Martin

Cole Sands

Louisville, Kentucky

Florida State - 5, Duke - 1

MIKE MARTIN: Well, I think no question that key to the ballgame was the outstanding pitching Cole Sands gave us. It was unfortunate that the weather came like it did and he wasn't able to finish the seventh, but got a good relief group that did an outstanding job.

Duke was a very good baseball team all year, and I hope they get to post-season. I know it's possibly -- I mean, they have got a winning record and they have a good record in the League. Hope we can get as many in as possible.

Very proud of Dylan. The fact they hit the home run, gave us two runs, was just a day in which we did a lot of things right. No errors. No errors on the other side, either. It was a good baseball game.

We were very fortunate and very happy and excited to be playing tomorrow for the championship.

Q. Cole, just kind of recap your day.
COLE SANDS: I think fastball, command, and just tried getting ahead on all the hitters. That opened up to throwing some off-speed for strikes, and then, you know, just commanding the fastball really helped me.

Q. Is that your best performance of the year, do you think?
COLE SANDS: Oh, yeah. Yeah, for sure.

Q. What was different, if anything?
COLE SANDS: Just trying to stay ahead. Sometimes I would try and be too perfect and fall behind, and that makes me throw fastballs and hitters's counts. I think just getting ahead and then opening up off-speed, so that really helped.

Q. Frustrating to have the rain delay and not being able to keep going?
COLE SANDS: Yeah, it is, but it's good to see we're in the championship now as a team.

Q. Dylan, similar question. As you look back at your season, what are you guys doing now that maybe you has you playing so well right now in?
DYLAN BUSBY: It's all coming together. We knew it was there all year long. We had a couple tough games, a couple tough series, a couple tough weeks. But we knew what we were capable of. I mean, it's finally starting to come together and show, so we're excited.

Q. Three-for-five today, and you guys scored four runs off the starter the first couple innings. What allowed you and the offense to be so effective against their starter?
DYLAN BUSBY: Just sitting there taking the pitches you should take and hitting the ones you should hit, and really focusing on hitting the fastballs that were in the zone. Didn't have much command of the off-speed as we saw in warm up, so we were just trying to attack the fastball, and hitting good hitters' counts, and it worked out for us.

Q. What do you feel like the guys are doing differently to be playing the way they are?
MIKE MARTIN: Well, it's just -- it's nice to have almost all of us back. We still left a young man at home with a broken foot. But we've had -- I'm not going to bring -- there are no excuses with Florida State baseball. We're playing good baseball right now. And you see a lot of young men in our league and other leagues, that you know it's there, and when it surfaces, you're going to see a different look from that young man. There's a number of players that were not very good as freshmen 20 years ago for Florida State.

And I can remember like it was yesterday: Eduardo Perez as a freshman. I said, my gosh, that young man has a long way to go. He got bigger, he got stronger, and it happens all over college baseball. That has certainly been a similarity of our team from our center fielder who is a freshman that came in, he's gained about 15 pounds since he's been there. Cal Raleigh last year had a good year but he got better as the year went on. Now he's one of the leaders of our team.

I think it's just maturity of some of the players that is the key to what is happening. Now, it could all come to a halt, and our young men understand that. So we're going to keep grinding as best we can to get to the regional, starting tomorrow, see what we can do tomorrow, and then get into a regional and see what happens.

Q. Duke's team said that, or coach said, that Cole might have had the best performance against them that they have seen this year. Is that the best you've seen in him, and how encouraging is that to get that role going into the post-season?
MIKE MARTIN: I'll just ditto what Cole said; yes, that was his best outing. And it's encouraging. There is another classic example of what I was alluding to. There is a young man that's gotten stronger, he's maturing, and he had the best outing of the year.

Now, let's carry that forward. Hopefully when he pitches again, he'll be a different guy. Meaning, even better. He had a good outing obviously.

Q. So tomorrow, do you know who you'll go with yet?
MIKE MARTIN: Not really. Not really. We haven't talked it over, but I just say, there is a very good chance that Andrew Karp will start for us.

Q. Final game in your program --
MIKE MARTIN: I don't mean this disrespectful or anything. I didn't even know that. I really didn't. Thanks for bringing it up, I must say (laughs).

I'm just proud of these young men, the way they have battled. I'll just throw one thing out. This is not an excuse. I'm just going to throw one thing out. How many people do you know have had shingles as a 19-year-old kid? Ain't nobody in here. Well, one of our guys had shingles and missed seven or eight games, more than that (four or five with shingles, and shin splints.)

I'm telling people, we're about shinned out. And that's just one guy. Just pleased with the way we played the game. We battled. There's a lot of people surfacing as leaders, and that's always important.

Q. Is there a secret for that, or does that just happen some years and not others? Are they playing this way at the right time?
MIKE MARTIN: Well, that's a hard question to answer because we just want our guys to go out and do what they have done all year: Battle. And that's what we've done and that makes me very proud.

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