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May 27, 2017

Graeme Storm

Surrey, England

Q. 1-over par 73 today, three rounds on this golf course and it's played differently on all three days.
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, it has. It was tricky yesterday but today was really, really tough. It was just a good 'ole grind out there, and just tried not to make too many mistakes.

Q. Does the mental side come into it when the wind is like this? Do you have to plot your way around a little bit more?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, you do. You have to stay patient. I got a little frustrated on the back nine. I wasn't holing any putts and then I made a stupid mistake making 6 at 12. But I got lucky at 17. It kind of ricocheted off the trees back in bounds, and I hit a 4-iron to about six feet and made four, so it evened up.

Q. At the moment you're four shots off the lead. Going into the final round, what kind of strategy or approach do you have if that's the deficit?
GRAEME STORM: A lot will just come down to the conditions, really, depending if it's going to be windy or whatever. I think the wind is supposed to die down tomorrow, so hopefully scoring will be a little bit easier.

But if it's windy, then anything around par or 1-under, you never know, do you. You never know what might happen. The leaders might fall back but they might go forward, as well. So just wait and see.

Q. Having played this course three times on the new greens with the changes, is it still very positive, the comments?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, the course is in great shape, you know what I mean. It's in great condition. The greens are still rolling really, really nicely. I just wish somebody could read them for me. But other than that, no, they are really, really good. Good surface.

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