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May 27, 2017

Andrew Dodt

Surrey, England

Q. What was your game plan when you stood on the first tee today?
ANDREW DODT: I saw the scores this morning and I knew it was going to be tough. But I didn't really have a game plan. I just wanted to hit each shot at a time and commit to that shot, which I think I did.

Q. You have a couple of top threes already on your European Tour schedule this season. Have you seen this great play coming?
ANDREW DODT: Probably not, to be honest. I've been working pretty hard on the mental side. I think that helped me today, for sure. And probably my short game, as well, I needed to tidy up a bit over the last few months, and I didn't need it too much today because my long game was pretty good. It all feels pretty good.

Q. You mentioned the mental side. What have you been working on specifically?
ANDREW DODT: A lot of breathing stuff. Try to visualize each shot a bit more and try to get away from the technique a bit and play the game and today I felt like I played the game really well.

Q. This course has played differently over three rounds now, hasn't it. When it is blowing like this, does it change the strategy before you start your round?
ANDREW DODT: No, you know it's going to be tough when it's breezy. But I think the last seven holes today was a little bit easier playing downwind compared to into the first two days. Those last seven holes were quite tough when it's into, so today it was a little bit easier. But you've still got to hit the shots and I managed to do that today.

Q. Your only dropped shot came very early on and it was steady all the way from there on.
ANDREW DODT: I had a few chances early on I didn't quite take, and then just played a solid back nine and it got a little bit tricky with the wind. As I said, overall, it was just a really, really solid day.

Q. Just before Christmas you had a couple of great results, a couple of seconds and tied third. Has this been coming this year because it has not really followed on so far?
ANDREW DODT: No, and that was a goal of mine to try to follow on and keep the foot on the accelerator. Has not happened yet. I feel good. My game feels good. I feel like I'm in a really good spot.

Q. Thoughts ahead of the final round tomorrow in this big tournament?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, it's going to be tough out there. There will be a few nerves, a lot of nerves there. Just got to try to do what I've been doing the last three days and if I can do that, I can give myself a chance.

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