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May 26, 2017

Mike Fox

Brandon Riley

Tyler Lynn

Louisville, Kentucky

North Carolina - 12, NC State - 4

MIKE FOX: Well, we got off to a good start. Probably an understatement. You don't expect to have an inning like that. But Brian got us going with a home run, and we just squared up a lot of balls and took advantage of a couple mistakes by the end. You don't expect to have a 10-run-inning. This game is crazy sometimes. But that was certainly the story of the game with J.B. throwing for us. So obviously a good win. We're happy to still be playing.

Q. Brandon, what was going through your head in the first inning, especially after they dropped that ball and you guys really rallied after that?
BRANDON RILEY: I think really what it was was just kind of taking advantage of that mistake. We knew that we got of got off the hook when they dropped that ball, and then we had to take advantage of it while we could because those errors don't happen too often. Just trying to capitalize on that while we could.

Q. What are you going to take into the semifinal as far as hitting because it seems like you guys have a pretty good approach right now?
BRANDON RILEY: Well, we've been taking BP on the field for the entire season. We've hit in the cages twice while we've been here, so I think we're going to keep hitting the cages. We're going to keep hitting the cages before the game. But other than that, just keep the same approach. I think we've had a really good approach at the plate. We've taken some balls that were close that we could have swung out and got ourselves out on, but we haven't, and we've been drawing our walks in, and when runners were in scoring position, they've been doing their jobs.

TYLER LYNN: Yeah, we're just hitting really well 1 through 9 right now. Everybody looks good at the plate, so you know, just got to keep a good mindset going into the rest of this weekend.

Q. Tyler, you were obviously at the plate on that play in the first. Did you sense after the two-run single that that was sort of a big moment in the game, even that early?
TYLER LYNN: Yeah, more base runners, more runs, so yeah, that hurt them but helped us for sure.

Q. This is the first time you've played in the ACC tournament; obviously you've gotten off to hot starts both days. Just kind of talk about what that experience has been like, and you've had such success playing in big stadiums before, but just taking that approach here in Louisville for the ACC tournament.
BRANDON RILEY: I mean, I grew up in Burlington and the ACC tournament was either always in Greensboro or Durham so it was always less than an hour away, so that was always the one big taste of college baseball that I got as a kid was going to the ACC tournament with my dad, friends, family, whatever it was. So I think taking part in that, being on the field rather than than in the stands, just trying to have fun with it, just trying to remember what it was like sitting in the stands four or five years and then take that to the field, kind of take that excitement as a kid and take it out there on the field as a player because I mean, it really is a cool event to be a part of, so just try to have fun.

TYLER LYNN: Yeah, you know, just growing up watching it on TV, it always looked like a fun event to play in, and last year not being able to get here, you know, it sucked for us. This being my first time, it really is a fun event. We get to play against good teams, and we're playing well right now having a blast.

Q. Obviously that first inning was big, but what did you think of J.B.'s performance tonight?
MIKE FOX: Yeah, you know, it's kind of typical of J.B. It looks like sometimes the wheels are going to come off, and then he gets it back together. To say tonight he was effectively, wow, would be a good statement. Sometimes you just don't -- he doesn't look like he's kind of in control and throwing the ball well, and then you look up and the other team only has two hits or three hits. This is just typical of J.B.

You've got to give State a lot of credit. They didn't strike out a lot starting the game, which that actually helps J.B. some when he's getting outs with one or two pitches, keeps his pitch counts down, and he needed that in the early innings, but then he kind of gets back together and gets it going for two or three innings and keeps us in the game.

Q. There's been a lot of comparison to this team and some of the best teams you've had over the last 20 years, but maybe unlike 2013 this is a pretty even lineup 1 through 9, Tyler and Brandon obviously had big hits in the first tonight, but what does it say about your team to have sort of that balance throughout the lineup?
MIKE FOX: We've had that all year. As a coach obviously you'd rather have that and not rely on one or two guys because hitting is such a difficult skill. So we have some guys that maybe don't have good nights, but we have four or five that do, and Tyler has done that a lot this year, Tyler Lynn, just taking advantage of a mistake or get a two-out, two-strike hit for us, and I think that did kind of break their back there in the first inning. We've had some balance offensively. We're going to need to continue with that.

Q. Can you just preview Miami quickly?
MIKE FOX: Yeah, gosh, we played Miami a long time ago. They're playing well, and for a while there, I think they were kind of on the bubble, as they say, heading down the NCAA stretch here. You know, good teams that find themselves in that situation -- desperate is probably not the right word, but just find themselves having to fight, that program has a lot of pride, and it would shock everybody, obviously, if they didn't get in the NCAA tournament, because what's it been, like 40 years, something like that, 44? I was close, which is unbelievable. That's incredible. You've got to give them a lot of credit, and they're playing well. So we'll have our hands full.

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