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May 26, 2017

Elliott Avent

Sean Adler

Brock Deatherage

Louisville, Kentucky

North Carolina - 12, NC State - 4

ELLIOTT AVENT: Yeah, just really proud of how our guys played. It's not every day you can start off against your arch rival in a game in the semifinals of the ACC Championship down 10-0. That's tough. That's tough for anybody to take. How our guys played from then on is something I'll always remember because I thought we played extremely well, pushed Bukauskas, pitcher of the year, to the brink of having to find a pretty good changeup tonight that normally isn't one of his better pitches, but pushed him to do what he had to do and he was good enough to do it, but we kept getting people on base and just couldn't get a big hit to try to get back in the game, but proud of how we competed.

Q. Brock, after the 10-run-inning in the first, you had a double in the third. Coming out like that to respond, talk about what that does for the team.
BROCK DEATHERAGE: I just think once something like that happens in the first inning, things might get down a little bit, but we just tried to continue to stick with our approach and see some pitches and get your timing down, that kind of thing, to help us later on in the game, and that's what me and Andy both did. We both saw a good pitch to hit and we both drove it in, and we knew we had some really good team at-bats, moving me over to third base and then the sac fly. We were just playing baseball. We're playing our best ball right now, and something like that is what shows for it.

Q. Sean, you picked up the save against Boston College. Does this performance in the ACC tournament give you confidence heading into the NCAA tournament?
SEAN ADLER: It definitely gives me confidence, but I don't think it was this outing that had to give me confidence. I think I've been kind of plugging away and pitching the entire and competing. This is kind of just reassurance and the confirmation that not just me but our pitching staff and our offense and defense, what we're doing as a team, it's all progression and it's all the right direction. You know, a loss is a loss. You take the good out of it. You leave the bad. But I mean, this outing individually, yeah, it was great, but I mean, you still have to learn from kind of your mistakes and you build off it. But we're in a great spot right now. We're getting ready for the postseason, and I'm looking forward to what we have to do.

Q. From going at the opening game against Hawai'i to (indiscernible), talk about your assessment of your performance.
SEAN ADLER: It's kind of funny just because this is my fourth year playing college basketball, and it's definitely confirmed and it's proven that your starting rotation from day one of the first weekend is usually never how it's going to be towards the end of the season, and that's just because injuries, stuff doesn't work out, guys fit better in different roles down the season, and I'm just happy that I am still giving my team a chance to win in the long run because to me that's the most important thing. I don't really care about starting, middle relief, towards the end. To me, it's all about just helping out the team.

Q. What is your outlook on your tournament résumé heading into this Monday?
ELLIOTT AVENT: Oh, we're in the postseason, but I don't know what else to say. I know we're in, but I don't know where we're going to go, I don't know whether we're a 2 seed, 3 seed, high 2 seed, low 2 seed, where we're going to be, and it's all about the bracket you get into. Now it's all about where you go and who you're matched up with, and it's all about matchups and brackets. We'll wait next Monday and find out like everybody else, but we've done all we can do, and that's it.

Q. After that 10-run first inning you said you were proud of how your guys fought and battled. What was your message or did you give a message after that first inning?
ELLIOTT AVENT: Yeah, I kind of did. I kind of said, hey, gang. They were stunned and I was stunned. It's tough. I just kind of got everybody together, not just the offense, I got everybody together and say, hey, we play -- Brian Brown has given us three unbelievable years, and he wasn't pitching as good as he normally does, he was leaving balls up, so he tries to make a play to get us back in the dugout that he has no business trying to make, and next thing you know, he runs, score after the third out. I said, we're just going to play hard, we're going to play with a lot of pride, we're going to play with what got us here, and nobody better hang their head, and they didn't. They went after it, and I'll tell you, Bukauskas is really, really good. He's not pitcher of the year in this league for no reason. We made him pitch every inning. I don't think he had an easy inning all night after the first one.

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