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May 26, 2017

Tyler Holton

Mike Martin

Taylor Walls

Louisville, Kentucky

Florida State - 6, Louisville - 2

MIKE MARTIN: Obviously excited about the way we played. Tyler obviously set the tone and you say what you want to, but Taylor scoring in the first inning with a heads-up play on a dirt ball read was big, because they had a chance to get out of that inning with no runs. And when we scored, it made us feel good. And then of course, Quincy comes through with a knock to drive in another run.

It was a ballgame that we knew was going to be very tough because we're playing a very good, tough team. It just happened that a couple of things went our way early. We took advantage of it.

But you've got to tip your hat to Louisville and their outstanding team. We know that nothing is accomplished, so to speak, yet, because of course, we have to go out tomorrow and play a very good Duke team.

Q. You struck out 11 of these guys a week ago. Do you go back to the same approach?
TYLER HOLTON: I did kind of change approaches, I guess you could say. I guess tendencies, they might expect a curveball coming in this count. But facing a good team like that, they can hit a lot of good pitches in and out of the zone, as well.

So I did kind of change up tendencies, I guess you could say, throwing more fastballs in, seemed to help this game. But definitely, I was throwing whatever was working and trying to keep them off balance.

Q. Did you see Jason's catch from center field?
TYLER HOLTON: Yeah, I thought he caught it. But so many times you might see the balance roll out at the last second. As soon as he held his glove up, that gave me chills. I was so excited.

Q. Tyler, are you sick of Louisville yet or are you enjoying the extended road trip you've had here?
TYLER HOLTON: No, no, the longer we stay, the more we win, or vice versa I guess (laughter). Yeah, we're glad to be here and we want to stay as long as we can.

Q. From your perspective what makes Tyler so tough?
TAYLOR WALLS: Just being able to throw every pitch he has where he wants it. So many times, most good college pitchers, they will have two pitches they can locate. And with Tyler having three, it makes it a lot more troubling for the other team to just square balls up or just put barrels on balls. Because I mean, you can be sitting there, sitting on a fastball one count, and he flips you two curveballs and now you're down 0-2 and you haven't even seen the second pitch.

So I mean, just being able to command those pitches, you know just with 0-2,1-2, make good out pitches, just being able to command his stuff is definitely what keeps them off balance.

MIKE MARTIN: (Cell phone rings, answering) 2-5-8 in the sixth (laughter).

Q. What do you think of this long road trip, what it's done for your team, to have a rare situation that you've been here as long as you have?
MIKE MARTIN: I must admit, we've never had an extended trip like this that I can remember. I mean, I'll say this for the Seelbach: Their bed is very much like mine. I have slept well and usually I'm griping. But this bed -- I can't wait to get home.

Well, I'm okay. We really like Louisville. I mentioned it yesterday, or the day before, whatever it was, about how much we enjoy the people; friendly. And we've enjoyed staying at the Seelbach. I ain't going in that elevator but I mean, I've been enjoying everything about the Seelbach. And the people, as I said. It's a friendly city. A little bit bigger than I thought it would be.

Q. How would you describe to people who might not be around the ACC how good this league is?
MIKE MARTIN: I think over the last five years, we have proven how tough and how good our league is. Because you're seeing teams that just were not very good, six, seven years ago, and now you know you're in for a battle every single weekend. There is not one team in our league that I could say, oh, we got such and such, we know we're going to win two-out-of-three.

And we're playing a team tomorrow that is very good. The last time we played Duke, they beat us two-out-of-three. They are very well coached, and we know that this is a team that if you do not execute, if you do not make plays, if you give them extra outs, you're going to get beat. They have proven that by what they have accomplished. They beat Virginia and Clemson already, is that right? Okay.

Q. You were a little hot with a few of those calls today. Never seen you act that way.
MIKE MARTIN: I fake a lot. (Laughter).

Well, obviously I'm not allowed to comment on any of that. So I think the best thing to do is just say, no comment.

Q. You're one of the few programs in the ACC who has had a lot of success against Louisville since they joined. What do you attribute that to?
MIKE MARTIN: I think so many times when you beat a team that has had the year that they have had, you've had some luck. We've had some luck. Look at today's game: Unbelievable catch in center field. How about the second out in the ninth? What a great catch that was in right field.

And Quincy hasn't hit many balls to right field, and first inning, he throws up a little flare to right and we get a big run. So you have to have that in this game and I think that's just, like I say at home, it's just called baseball.

Q. Have you decided on a starter?
MIKE MARTIN: Yes, we are going to go Cole Sands tomorrow. And I thought it was kind of neat after the game when McKay and Taylor Walls embraced in the hallway, and then I remembered, they were teammates this past summer with the USA team. And those are great memories, and I hope that both of those young men get to the highest level of baseball.

Q. When did you guys get into town?
MIKE MARTIN: We got in a week ago Wednesday. So this -- how many days I been -- 12? I mean, ten? But I have to admit, food's been good. We've enjoyed it. I honestly don't think -- I don't think we've ever been in a situation where we've played three games in the city that the tournament was in and then stayed over for the tournament.

Q. What are you doing to pass the time? You had a rainout in between.
MIKE MARTIN: Oh, we had a few things that we did with the team. We had Coach Baker set up what we call the "Big Shooter Open," and if any of you have ever played that miniature golf course about 20 miles from here, it's got an arcade inside. Let's put it this way: I love golf. I wouldn't play that again if it's the only golf course in this whole world (laughter). I never played a miniature golf course that tough. I picked up three times (laughter). How do you pick up in miniature golf? (Laughs). Nasty golf course.

The guys loved it, and we awarded prizes, and Coach Baker does a great job with that. That took up a good while, and then we went to eat after that.

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