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May 26, 2017

Shane Lowry

Surrey, England

Q. What was your feeling about the whole day?
SHANE LOWRY: I don't feel like I got as much out of today as I deserved. I wasn't great off the tee, but it was a tough day. Obviously had a couple of putts there that was absolutely robbed. Still don't know how they didn't go in.

But it was nice to birdie the last. 2-over is not a great score. But the golf course is playing how I would like it to play for a good challenge on the weekend.

Yeah, I'm just happy that that's over. It was tough. It was so windy and it was hard to club. It was hard to get the ball pin-high. It was one of those days, it was really, really tough.

Q. On 18, the most beautiful wedge shot, when you kind of needed it.
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, because I hit two great shots on 17 just short of the green and hit a brilliant chip shot. I didn't make birdie there, where if I felt I should have, and I had a good chance on 16, as well. I said to myself going up 16, if I make one in the next three, I'm still in good position going into the weekend, and what's that I did.

I'm on 2-under now and five behind and hopefully get out a couple hours before the leaders tomorrow and post a few birdies on the board and see where that takes me.

Q. When you were leaking a few shots out there in the middle of the round, what was going through your head?
SHANE LOWRY: Not much really because it's so difficult that you can do that. It's not like it was anything destructive. It was I got a bit unlucky on 13. I was plugged in the bunker. Hit a good shot to get it where I did and hit a great putt and lipped ou. Hit a decent shot on 14 and the wind just hit it hard. Thorbjørn went just before me and didn't seem to move his much. And then I hit it hard, it pitched a yard left of where I would have liked it and I end up having a very difficult up-and-down.

Then the putt I hit, I can't hit a better putt and it didn't go in. So, look, that's kind of the way my day was. I feel like it probably could have been a couple better. Sure, I'm on the score I'm on now and I need to go home and chill out and rest up for tomorrow.

Q. You are within striking distance. You didn't lose any of your love for Wentworth this afternoon?
SHANE LOWRY: That's what I love about the place. Even though I shot 2-over, I still love the place. I love the challenge. Even the holes I didn't feel comfortable on, I just enjoy the challenge of trying to hit good shots and trying to make pars and birdies.

Q. Just a feeling in your game that something is bubbling beneath the surface and if it clicks on the greens, that's an old cliché, but is there a really weekend new?
SHANE LOWRY: I'm not struggling on the greens. I'm sick of people talking about it and I'm sick of listening to it to be honest. I've worked my nuts off all year, and I finally turned around the last few weeks and I'm still listening to people talk about it.

I'm happy where my game is and I'm looking forward to the summer.

Q. Nobody is saying that there's a problem with your putting. You've got such a natural feel for this game and you make so many chances and that really possibly is the only thing that people think?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, well, I guess maybe that's the way you hear it. But I'm just happy where my game is and I'm looking forward to the summer. I'm really looking forward to the weekend here and great tournament next week, Memorial and I have a couple of majors coming up. I've got a very exciting summer and I really feel like my game is where I want it to be. Albeit my results haven't been good but my game is definitely where I want it to be.

Q. Your round of 74, great thing is, you're still pitching just five off the lead.
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I knew standing on the range warming up today, it was going to be difficult and it was. I fought as hard as I could. The birdie at the last was very nice. To get a shot back and only shoot 2-over; 74 feels a lot better than 75, believe it or not. You know, I'm just looking forward to the weekend, now I've got that round behind me and try to go out there tomorrow -- and to be honest, I wouldn't mind if conditions are like this again tomorrow. I quite enjoyed the challenge out there today, and you know, that's what I love about this place. It's so difficult and so hard to get things right all the time. It's a good challenge.

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