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May 25, 2017

Kevin Love

Boston, Massachusetts: Postgame

Cavaliers - 135, Celtics - 102.

Q. What does this mean to you? What's your takeaway from this experience?
KEVIN LOVE: More than anything, it feels good to, as a team, collectively play some really inspired and really good basketball. I know toward the end of the season there, there were some rough patches. There were times where collectively we could have been better, but I think that we showed that if we have a great game plan and we play inspired basketball, we're a tough team to beat. More than anything, winning the East is big, going back to The Finals for the third straight time is something special, and let's not take it for granted. It's a special night tonight. We're going to enjoy this, take a day off and I'm sure we'll get back to the drawing board on Saturday.

Q. Just your thoughts on LeBron James. Obviously you know he passed Michael Jordan for the all-time scoring leader in the postseason. Just to be on the court with him and to witness history tonight.
KEVIN LOVE: Well, I just told Tad [Carper], I wouldn't share a podium with him because I think tonight is a night where he deserves to be on his own. He's been so special for us. We know what he brings to this game as a whole, brings to this league, our organization. Every night he brings it for us, sets the tone, and it's no different. There are so many different milestones and accolades that have come his way, and me being here for -- this is my third year now, having seen him accomplish so much is truly special.

I mentioned not taking things for granted. Tonight is one of those nights. It was truly special to be a part of, and we knew it, too. When we drew up the play in the timeout in the third quarter and he came out and he was shooting the ball so well, went in, and we're celebrating it for him. It was big. Special.

Q. Was the work and energy you put into winning this series a good prep for what's ahead in the next series?
KEVIN LOVE: Sure. The Celtics and Brad Stevens, their team that they have, they throw a lot of different lineups at you and a lot of stuff on the defensive end. As far as how they play, I think it definitely prepared us for what's ahead. It was definitely a hard-fought series, and even when they lost Isaiah, they didn't lay down. That's a big testament to them. I mentioned the inspired basketball that we play; they definitely played inspired basketball, not only here but in our arena.

Q. When you came here three years ago, is this kind of how you saw your game fitting into the collective and being able to express your own talents?
KEVIN LOVE: Sure. And even coming into this series, at least on the offensive end, Ty said he wanted to get me more involved. I said I didn't care one bit as long as we're winning. But I think he made more of an effort to get me involved this series, and I just wanted to take advantage of those opportunities. I've been able to have a lot of success here, and guys were setting me up throughout this entire series. It wasn't just Bron; it wasn't just Kyrie. It was a number of veteran guys that we have on this team, a lot of experience, and now we're able to do so.

Q. Speaking of people in the organization, a lot of them say you might be the biggest difference from a year ago going to The Finals and this year going to The Finals. How do you feel about that and your game and how different it is or your role right now from a year ago?
KEVIN LOVE: Just more than anything -- at least as far as Bron and Kyrie go, just filling in the blanks and just trying to help wherever I can. As I mentioned, more than anything, being in a mindset for me and a mindset for this team that I mentioned, locking in and being a part of something special. We know that we're at the cusp of that. We're only four games away from our goal, but that's all got to start next Thursday. For me, I just want to play my part as best I can. We'll be ready to go on Thursday.

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