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May 25, 2017

Bernhard Langer

Washington, D.C.

JOHN DEVER: Good afternoon, everybody, welcome back to the 78th KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. I am joined by, pleased to be joined by co-leader Bernhard Langer who fired a 7-under, 65, six birdies, a bogey, and a closing eagle. So maybe if you could summarize your round, obviously you played pretty well, no?

BERNARD LANGER: Yeah, I was pretty pleased. I hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens, gave myself opportunities. Missed a couple of chances early on. On 2 and 3. Where I had birdie putts from not too far.

But then I started rolling the ball pretty well on the green later on. So, I was pretty happy with my long game, but very happy with my putting. And it all turned out to be a 7-under, which is very good score on this golf course.

JOHN DEVER: First shots were delayed a little bit this morning. Did you have to make an adjustment to the wet conditions or did that, was it dried up by the time you teed off.

BERNARD LANGER: Well, it didn't really dry out. The greens were good, but the fairways, we had some puddles and it was very wet walking around. Sometimes you just stepped into a little bit of mud between the holes or some puddles, but overall it was playable. I think it was a great decision that they played preferred lies, because we had a lot of mud on the golf ball. Which is normal when we have that much rain and the low lying grounds that we have here. But the course was, with preferred lies, it was very playable and in pretty good shape.

JOHN DEVER: Questions?

Q. What was the distance on 18, what did you hit and were you as surprised as the rest of us at how close it was?
BERNARD LANGER: I knew it was close because of the reaction of the people in the grandstand. You can always tell by the amount or the enthusiasm of the cheers. I had a very good yardage. I had 210 to the front over the trap and then another six or so for the flag and I knew if I hit it somewhat solid it should land near the hole and it landed perfectly and rolled up to about two feet.

Q. What club?
BERNARD LANGER: It was a two hybrid.

Q. Did you feel any physical or mental fatigue from your win last week and how did you manage that leading up to today, because clearly you didn't look fatigued out there today.
BERNARD LANGER: Not today. I was really tired on Monday and Tuesday, really low on energy. But I took it -- well Tuesday we had the pro-am, so that was a long day. But yesterday I took it somewhat easy, just played eight holes and practiced a little bit. But I had some other things to do. So it was still a fairly long day, but not like my normal one. Today I felt fine. I got up early at 5 a.m. and went through my stretching routine and stuff and then heard about the delay, so sat around for an hour and a half, got all stiff again, so that part didn't help, but it's not the first time we had a delay, so you just deal with it and move on. As I said, I got off to a fairly decent start and was very happy with the end of it.

Q. As John mentioned when you came in as co-leader are you surprised that at 7-under you're the co-leader?
BERNARD LANGER: I am actually, yes. I would have thought 7-under would be leading, but I guess -- well I am could he leading, but not on my own. I would have thought 7-under would be leading by itself. But it just shows the quality of players there are, there's lots of them, and you just never know. When have you that many guys teeing off, there's always some that get hot.

Q. Just a follow-up, the mental math on that is 28-under, you don't see this golf course finishing at 28-under, do you?
BERNARD LANGER: No, I don't think so.


Q. When you have a delay, just is there a routine you go there you to kind of stay loose or you do you get impatient? Kind of what's the thought process there?
BERNARD LANGER: No, I actually just sat down and talked with a couple other guys sitting at the table and just waited for the next news and the next news. Every half hour we get some update and finally got the news that everything is good to go an hour and 20 minutes late. So that was exciting, even though it was raining -- it was actually very good because it stopped -- the rain finally stopped as well -- and it was a beautiful day to play golf. It wouldn't have been much fun a couple hours earlier in the rain. It was pretty heavy at times.

Q. You gave a fist pump after you dropped that first birdie on 6. Was that a particularly tricky putt or was that, or did you just need to see one go in in order to get the momentum going?
BERNARD LANGER: Yeah, it was more the second. Just to get one going in, because as I said, I missed a short one on 2 and 3, shortish, and finally made my birdie, got into red numbers, made a good putt there and felt like, all right, let's, now we have the first one, let's get a few more.

Q. The only tap-in birdie you had was the one on 14, so did you just feel like you were going to make everything?
BERNARD LANGER: I felt pretty good, not necessarily making everything, but I felt like I hit a lot of good putts. There was one or two other ones that actually I thought I made them and they just went over the edge or one actually lipped out, but I also had two or three that went in that don't go in every day.

JOHN DEVER: We'll end it right there. Thank you, sir for your time and enjoy your evening.

BERNARD LANGER: Yes. Thank you. You too.

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