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May 25, 2017

Mike Fox

Logan Warmoth

Brian Miller

Louisville, Kentucky

North Carolina - 10, Boston College - 0

MIKE FOX: Yeah, good start for us, good complete win. Our guys obviously, like everybody, have been cooped up in the hotel, so excited and anxious to play. Got a good start from Tyler Baum, and anytime these two guys are getting on us for us like they did early, we've got a good start offensively. First inning helped us, and then we played with as well as we can for seven innings. Good win for us.

Q. Brian, just talk about getting out on this field for the first time after being off for almost a week.
BRIAN MILLER: Yeah, it's definitely something you had to get a feel for. Glad we got to take in and out, especially in the outfield, the wind was blowing around a good bit in the first few innings, so just had to try and keep your feet under you and slow the game down a little bit with the wet ball, so not try to be too quick. But thankfully Tyler Baum got us a good start, and we were able to put up some runs and kind of take that pressure off of a new ballpark we haven't played in.

LOGAN WARMOTH: Cooped up all day yesterday and you can kind of see from the guys that everyone was really ready to play, come out, get a good start in the first couple innings and just play the game.

Q. With you guys being the Coastal Division champ, the high seed in the pool playing in the visiting dugout today, was it important to go ahead and you guys get on base early and score some runs and maybe take a little pressure off the offense?
LOGAN WARMOTH: Yeah, it's always nice when we start off with three runs in the first, just try to follow what he did in the first inning and get a base hit. We always joked around because earlier in the year I felt like I could never repeat -- if he got a hit, then I would get out. So I got to first base and he kind of just smiled at me, and it was a good start. Ashton had a big swing of the bat, and then Kyle got me in, or Ashton in.

Q. What's it been like having Ashton behind you two, you guys, the three of you have led the team in hitting pretty much all year, but for a freshman to come in and produce like he has?
BRIAN MILLER: Yeah, he definitely doesn't hit like a freshman or act like one, especially in the box. Just his approach is one of the most mature on the team and one of the most mature I've seen out of any freshman. He's got a good eye. He swings hard, and he waits for his pitch. Just to kind of have that behind us and that trust factor, we know that especially if me and Logan get on that we're going to score in the first, and it's fun to play with the lead, so it's fun to have guys at the top we know are going to be aggressive, get on and can run and score some runs. He's a great player. I'm super happy for him, he's able to come in and help us win.

Q. Can you guys both talk about the feeling when you blow a game open like that and your approach to hitting when you already have a huge lead?
BRIAN MILLER: Well, yeah, it's not something you really always expect. We were able to put up some runs against them up there, so at least I thought it might be a little bit closer, but yeah, I mean, you want to get a lead, especially for your pitchers and kind of take some of the pressure off. But even if it's a 1-1 game or if we're up 10-0, we still want to have competitive at-bats, want our pitchers still pounding the zone, and we want to make plays on defense. It definitely takes the pressure off, but it doesn't really change the way that we play.

LOGAN WARMOTH: And again, to follow that, after my second at-bat, Miller -- after I'm going up there for my third, he just tells me not to be complacent, just go out there and do what you can to get on base again and good things will happen.

Q. Coach, talk a little bit about your two juniors there, Logan got his 200th career hit today and Brian is just a couple away from it, what they've been able to do at the top of the lineup this year?
MIKE FOX: Yeah, they've been pretty special. Yeah, it's good to know. I didn't know that about Logan. Just great leaders, and they've made themselves into really, really good players. A unique story, as you know, how they both kind of got to Chapel Hill. Brian is a walk-on and Logan committed somewhere else, the fact that they took different journeys and they're twice the players that they were when they arrived, which is a credit to them. When they play well, we generally play well. They're all about the team, and I'm happy for them individually but also what they've been able to do for our team and lead our team.

Q. Looking ahead tomorrow night, you've got a de facto winner-take-all matchup with a rival that you're very familiar with. What's it like seeing the Wolfpack in a situation like that again?
MIKE FOX: Yeah, well, I mean, the stars always align it seems for us to meet in the ACC tournament, so it'll be fun. I know the players really enjoy these kind of games, the rivalry, and no matter where it is, it'll be fun. They're playing well, and we'll have to play equally as well to have a chance.

Q. Can you touch on your pitching today and also the importance of pitching on Friday because NC State has some good hitters in the middle of their lineup?
MIKE FOX: Yeah, the pitching was set up -- we pretty much had it scripted out today the way we wanted it to go. Obviously not knowing we were going to play seven innings, but we had a couple other guys we'd have liked to have used for an inning today, but we got J.B. and our bullpen rested, Brett Daniels and Josh Hiatt ready to go. You know, it's how we wanted it, so J.B. is going to need to pitch as well as he did against them last night to have a chance.

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