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May 25, 2017

Justin Rose

Surrey, England

Q. Your first golf tournament in the U.K. since winning Olympic Gold. How would you describe the reception you've received this week?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it's been good. Crowds have been fantastic. Almost in the Pro-Am, about 20,000 people here for the Pro-Am, so that was a fun day.

This morning, again, great crowds, great weather. Nice to be out there on the golf course. Yeah, there's a nice atmosphere. Obviously there's a better atmosphere when you're making putts and you're making birdies and the crowd can actually have the opportunity to cheer for you. When you par the last nine holes, it's a little bit flat.

Other than that, steady start. Nothing good, nothing bad as of yet. Hopefully can start making things go my way the next three days.

Q. Has it been difficult to reboot a little bit after coming so close at Augusta?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think I'm in the process of rebooting now. I put no pressure on myself for three or four weeks after the Masters, just really down tooled a little bit. Enjoyed some time with friends and stuff.

I'm now back into work mode. This week, Memorial, U.S. Open, U.S. Open is in sight now for the next block of work. I'm definitely trending back up into focusing on peaking for the right time of year.

Q. Global events are on a lot of people's mind, especially with what happened in Manchester on Monday. You're wearing the black ribbon like so many people are. Why is that important to you this week?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, just solidarity, really. I think countries pull together in times like this. If you don't, then the people doing these things are winning. Obviously just trying to show resolve and community spirit. It's just a tragic thing. Sometimes when it's political or government buildings or involved, whatever it might be, you almost can almost, not understand it, but it is more logical.

But when there are young children and families, that's just heartbreaking. Obviously tough for everybody involved but yes, just a show of faith, and the whole country at 11.00 did a minute's silence, and I think the players carried that out today.

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