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May 25, 2017

Johan Carlsson

Surrey, England

Q. How would you describe this round of golf for you today?
JOHAN CARLSSON: It was fun most of all I would say. You know, it's a big event this year, and you kind of feel it a little bit, the atmosphere. Everything is big around this tournament. And obviously you want to do good.

But I decided before I went out that just going to stick to one thing and that's going to really try to break it down and make it small. So I had one goal in mind today and that was to commit to every shot, as good as I possibly can, and I think I did. That's probably why I got that score, as well, probably.

Q. You had six missed cuts in a row and then you finished tied for 24th and then tied for 18th in your last two starts. What's changed big picture for you?
JOHAN CARLSSON: Probably over the year, I've been working quite hard and I feel like I'm working hard on my swing and everything.

Obviously this week is a big week and I've always had that goal in mine this week that this is going to be a tournament to get it around no matter what; play with what you have, and that's what I did this week. I didn't try to hit any super fancy shots. I just played with what I had and I think that was the key to success, what I've been doing kind of into this tournament, as well, a little bit.

Q. Grew up in Sweden and attended college at San Diego State. What was that experience like for you?
JOHAN CARLSSON: It was awesome. Coach Donovan and all the guys over there, it was awesome. I love San Diego. Just a great city and a great school that I went to, San Diego State.

It was four and a half years that were really good in my life, and kind of when you look back to it, I guess I miss it a little bit.

Q. A fantastic opening round and always nice to get a good run of birdies going early in the round?
JOHAN CARLSSON: Yeah, I started really well today. I felt quite good going into the tournament, and mostly mentally I felt like I was quite well prepared. Got off to a good start and managed just to keep it going.

Just one of those days when you drain a few putts and things kind of go your way, so it's fun.

Q. What's been the most pleasing thing for you today?
JOHAN CARLSSON: Putting I would say. I putted really well. I made a lot of good putt, and on top, you've got to hit a few good shots out there on this golf course, as well. So obviously everything in my game felt pretty solid. It has to be when you want to shoot 6-under on this golf course I think.

Q. Two par 5s to finish and you dropped two shots on the last but is it nice to have two par 5s where you can be more aggressive off the tee towards the end of the round?
JOHAN CARLSSON: Any time you have a par 5 it's quite nice I think. All the par 5s, it's where you make most of your birdies and of course it makes you -- you have a good chance if you don't quite make it in the start to get a good round going any ways if you finish birdie, birdie.

Obviously I had a really good round going but I didn't manage to tie up the bag, as you say in Swedish, I would probably say.

Q. And the new changes that have been made to the Wentworth course, are you very much in favour of those?
JOHAN CARLSSON: I think they are so good. I love this golf course right now, and I think it has become so much better, and I think a lot of other players probably agree with me, as well, on that point.

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