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May 25, 2017

Mike Sullivan

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Pregame

Q. I guess I'll start by asking if you have an update on Patric Hornqvist.
MIKE SULLIVAN: Horny will be a game-time decision.

Q. I'll follow up. Anything on Justin too?
MIKE SULLIVAN: Justin will be a game-time decision.

Q. Sort of bigger picture than just the injuries -- and I'm not asking this about post-whistle or behind the whistle, but in the actual play, with as much being let go as was let go in Game 6, are you all right with your guys being a little bit more liberal, pushing the envelope of what is or is not a penalty to control a potential scoring chance in the defensive end?
MIKE SULLIVAN: I'm not sure I understand your question. We're going to compete as hard as we can to deny scoring chances within the rules. That's what our expectation is.

So I think -- I'm not sure if I answered your question.

Q. There seems to be a lot being let go -- not to the point that you want to get your guys thrown in the box or anything, but at the risk of having a potential goal scored near the crease, are you willing to let the guys be physical, grab hold, or even tackle like we saw at the end of the second period in Game 6?
MIKE SULLIVAN: Listen, we're going to play the game the way we're supposed to play it. We're going to be competitive in front of our net. We're going to try to do our best to deny scoring chances. We're going to try to defend the front of our net as best we can, and then we'll go from there.

Q. When it comes to like pregame speeches, that sort of thing, do you save your best stuff for a Game 7, or do you just kind of let the moment take over?
MIKE SULLIVAN: Well, listen, I think we've got a great opportunity in front of us, and that's what we discussed with our players this morning. It's a great opportunity. We've worked so hard to put ourselves in this position all year long, and we've got a great opportunity. We've got to embrace it. We've got to get excited about it. And I think our players are excited to play.

Q. Mike, you've taken some too-many-men-on-the-ice penalties a couple of times recently. Is there a common denominator there, and what are some of the things that might lead to too many guys over the boards?
MIKE SULLIVAN: Well, I think it's just focus. It's focus at the right times. A couple of times when they did occur, the puck came right to our bench at the same exact time. Sometimes that can confuse line changes, but certainly it's not any excuse by any stretch. I think it's a focus of making sure that you're responsible for the guy that's going on the ice, and you've got to watch him come to the bench.

Q. Mike, by Game 7, have matchups crystallized, or is there still kind of a game by game -- you know, you look for different guys to put out there?
MIKE SULLIVAN: I think different coaching staffs approach it different ways. I think we have a pretty good idea of what matches they're looking for, and we have an idea of what we want to do. So that's how we'll approach it.

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