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May 24, 2017

Dylan Busby

Jackson Lueck

Mike Martin

Louisville, Kentucky

Florida State - 5, Notre Dame - 3

MIKE MARTIN: I've been blessed to be involved in a number of baseball games at Florida State. I've been on the other end, and I've been on the end that we were on tonight. That one was, you might say, one for the ages, with the conditions what they were.

Our young men were battling. Notre Dame was battling. I can't say enough about just the atmosphere in the dugouts, and sometimes you're a little disappointed that there weren't a lot of people here to see it. But there were people watching it on TV, and they got their money's worth. And I'm sure that these two guys' phones have been blowing up, as they say these days -- I do have a cell phone.

But I'm just proud that we persevered.

Q. Jackson, have you checked your phone yet?

Q. Did you get a bunch of texts?
JACKSON LUECK: It's blowing up like he said.

Q. How nice is it to end that one?
JACKSON LUECK: It's nice. Any time you come out with a W, it nice but for a game like this it was back and forth, back and forth, and to come out on top is huge. Feels good.

Q. The last pitch, what you saw?
JACKSON LUECK: I think it was a 2-2 or 1-2 count and I just fouled a fastball off. I was still thinking fastball but he threw, I think it was like a slider and he just left it up a little bit and I was able to put a good swing on it.

Q. Dylan, obviously you're on base. When you get into an extra inning like that and you see an empty frame before you, is there a tendency as a batter to end it with one swing?
DYLAN BUSBY: I wouldn't say try to -- you're not trying to hit a home run. You're trying to hit the ball hard somewhere. But once that doesn't work out, you get to two strikes, 1-1, you have to tone it down a little bit and get on base and pass it on to the next guy.

First two things, were just, how am I missing it. I was like, you've got to slow it down. Got on and then passed it on to Jackson. Knew I had to score, ball in the gap, I had to score and luckily it went out. I mean, it's great. It's awesome.

Q. You mentioned the conditions. Just how difficult is managing those conditions in a game like that?
MIKE MARTIN: I thought both teams were exhibiting tremendous competitiveness. They weren't letting the dirt that was getting a little caked; the conditions were not an issue but yet you could have made them an issue, and neither team made them an issue. They just battled, and it was just about as good as it gets.

I mean, think about it. We had our closer on the mound. We had a 3-1 ballgame in the eighth inning. And we can't get him out. So we go get our closer. And he hits -- they hit the ball off the right field wall to tie the ballgame up. Rains come.

We had a decision that we felt was made in the right way by the ACC to continue playing. Our pitcher never went, "I want to play more minutes, I can't even get" -- (grumbling tone). He took the ball, he went to the bullpen, he got on the mound, and he battled, and he takes a hundred -- I guarantee you it was a 110-mile-an-hour ball off of his thigh. And I go out there and he says, "Let me throw a couple." Not, "I don't know if I can do this or not." (Grumbling tone.)

Throws a couple pitches. Then he struggles an inning or two later, and I go out, and I say, "There's a lot of baseball left to be played hopefully this year for us, Drew. I know you're battling."

And he went, "Coach, let me see if I can get this hitter."

I turn around and walked off. He got the guy out and then he's done. But he was not the least bit afraid. He was not looking for an out, no pun intended. He was looking to get the guy out and get our guys in the dugout.

And when he did, he knew he was gone. But there's too many guys today, not on these 12 teams, but I mean, there's too many guys these days around the country that will look for an excuse instead of saying, "I'm okay."

And it was bothering him. You could tell, when he went to gather and got on his right side that it was a little bit of a twinge. He wasn't coming out of that ballgame. Makes me daggum proud, I can tell you.

Q. You're scheduled to play Louisville on Friday, if that goes accordingly, but obviously a great series for you guys last weekend. Probably wanted to play a third game. What will you look forward to in that game on Friday against them?
MIKE MARTIN: Oh, I'm sure it's going to be like every time we play Louisville. They are just a beautiful baseball team. It's going to be a game in which we've got to do the little things. The first two games, we got some breaks. We've got to continue to work and get after it. They are a team that will take advantage of your mistakes.

They are deserving of a top-eight seed and everything that has gone to them this year. They deserve every bit of it.

Q. What are your thoughts on the ACC Tournament being here in Louisville?
MIKE MARTIN: Other than that first race I bet on the other day, I liked every bit of it (laughter).

You know, Louisville is special to me because I remember as a kid growing up in Charlotte, that my family had family up here, and we came up for a Kentucky Derby. I was six, seven years old. I didn't go to the derby. But I've watched the derby, every single year, that I can watch it. I even got a TV in the clubhouse where I can watch it. And it's just a city that I didn't realize was so big.

But it's a friendly city. We've met some nice people at the hotel. And it's a place that I would recommend to anybody. It's just a -- seems, seems to be a very good family city. As far as the University of Louisville is concerned, I experienced a very rough Saturday here about seven or eight months ago. And not that I remember the score, but if you gave me a multiple-choice, I could probably come up with it.

Louisville is a solid program in every sport. They are class people. They play the game hard. They play the game right. We're looking forward to competing again.

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