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May 23, 2017

Johnny Adams

Mike Gambino

Jacob Stevens

Louisville, Kentucky

NC State - 6, Boston College - 1

MIKE GAMBINO: Thought it was a great baseball game. You saw why Johnny Piedmont has a sub 2.0 ERA. He was good today. Just couldn't -- we threatened a couple times. Couldn't get the big hit. I thought Barry threw the ball great and had a little tough luck in the first, and was great after that. I thought Will was pretty good and made one mistake. When you have a lineup like they have, sometimes one mistake is all you need. But good baseball game.

Q. Jacob, can you touch on those three runs in the first?
JACOB STEVENS: Yeah, NC State, they are a good hitting team. We wanted to go at them and attack them with strikes. We had a good game plan going, in made some good pitches, and credit to them. They put the bat on the ball and put together a couple singles, scrapped a couple runs early, and pretty much all they needed.

Q. Three runs in the first and then you turned around and kept them off the scoreboard for a few frames. What was the key?
JACOB STEVENS: After that, the game plan was just give our offense a chance -- definitely you don't like to have that but just thought if we could keep them there, we would give ourselves a chance to win.

Q. Coach touched on it: Talk about the opportunity a couple times to get a big hit. What was he doing early on in the game, and when you guys didn't get those hits?
JOHNNY ADAMS: Piedmonte, he had great control of the strike zone all game. I thought he made it real tough on our hitters. That's the game of baseball sometimes. Balls don't fall your way all the time, and I think that's what happened today, and hats off to him.

Q. Can you talk a little about this team, you started 1-14, went down the stretch, won ten of the last 15 to make it to this spot.
JOHNNY ADAMS: This is a resilient ballclub. When we were down 1-14 in the ACC, we all believed, we all knew we were going to be in this position playing in the ACC Tournament. There was never doubt in the clubhouse. I can't say enough about the kids that I played with this year. We've still got one more baseball game tomorrow.

Q. Can you talk about what you saw from Piedmonte to keep your guys off balance?
MIKE GAMBINO: He was getting counts a ton, and when he wasn't, he was making good quality pitches. Little bit of late stop, a lot of times, he's that guy, we faced him before. You kind of come back to the dugout thinking, I just missed it. A little bit of cutter, a little bit of angle on the fastball and he's just hard to battle, and especially when he's .112, and he had that breaking ball going today, to steal a strike when he needed it.

Like I said, I don't know his total innings pitched but he's got 18. So we are not the first ballclub he's kept in check for awhile. And again, we faced him earlier in the year and he pitched -- we played these guy at Fenway in our ALS game and he came, and I think he went five there and kind of held us at bay. You see why he's pitching in a game like this, that's for sure.

Q. Can you just talk about this team and just especially the senior class?
MIKE GAMBINO: Yeah, it's a special group, for those guys to come in, and their freshman year, we threw a lot of them right into the mix when they weren't really ready in a time when we were in a rebuild, and let them sort of grow up on the field and they did.

They played super last year and they fight through, like Johnny talked about, you're 1-14 in the ACC at the midway point, you're done. And it wasn't -- not these boys. And the coolest thing, too, just to be around, was the thing they want to talk about is just they want to keep playing. They just wanted to stay together. Steal one more week. Keep the seniors around one more week. That's a fun, special group to be around, and it takes senior leadership to go 1-14 and then go 10-5 in the second half to get yourself here and especially knowing you need a sweep in the last weekend. That's a group that needed to sweep with a doubleheader last year to get in the tournament, as well.

So I'm going to miss those boys, that's for sure.

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