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May 22, 2017

Dan McDonnell

Louisville, Kentucky

DAN MCDONNELL: Really excited about what our team did. Very proud of them and their accomplishments, winning the ACC, playing as well as they did on the road, as consistent as they did all year. I think we ran into a little bit of a buzz saw knowing how good Florida State is and what they're playing for. But just really proud of their consistency, their toughness, their ability to come from behind and feel like they're battle tested and ready to take on the next season here.

Q. Coach, I'm curious how you view the state, the tournament state? Is that a bigger advantage to be closer to home? How does that play into this week?
DAN MCDONNELL: I'm sure if we look at the history of the tournament, I don't know if -- I think in the last few years maybe North Carolina won it when they had one of the best teams in the country. But Clemson won it last year. These teams are so prepared for playing on the road or playing against the home crowd that whoever plays the best is clearly going to win this tournament. I think any one of these 12 teams can win it.

What I do think is that the 12 ACC teams and the fan base are going to love the venue, the atmosphere, the ballpark, the crowd, the things to do while they're here in Louisville. So, so much baseball tradition in this city with Louisville Slugger Field, and the Louisville Slugger bat factory, that Louisville is a great host for many athletic events. We are proud that we get a chance to show off this great city with a beautiful ballpark and a great sports fan base.

I think we're 16th largest city in the country. All 15 cities have NHL, NFL, Major League Baseball and/or NBA. So you could argue we're the largest college sports-following city in the country. I think it will show this week.

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