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May 22, 2017

Elliott Avent

Louisville, Kentucky

ELLIOTT AVENT: Just happen to be going to the ACC Tournament. Happy the way our ballclub finished the last few weeks. Anyway not much.

Q. Coach, you've obviously played a lot of tournament games closer to home. What kind of a lift did playing closer to home in the ACC Tournament give you, and what kind of an advantage, if any, do you think that is for Louisville?
ELLIOTT AVENT: I don't think it's an advantage to Louisville. It's nice to stay at home. It's nice not to travel. But I thought, obviously, being centrally located with the tournament is probably better for all the teams involved, as far as travel is concerned. Probably better for fans, you know, having fans at a game. It's all about playing in front of people. These players want to play in front of people. So if it's a good crowd at Louisville, and I think it's going to be fine and that's what it's all about.

Q. Following up on that theme, how do you feel about the tournament moving around from a general sense of being in a different place? Do you feel that maybe levels the playing field for other teams to be maybe in another state and a new venue?
ELLIOTT AVENT: No, I don't think that levels the field at all. Like I said, I think it just makes more sense to have the tournament in a centrally located place convenient for fans from every conference team to be able to travel to. With our conference so spread out, that's probably not possible. But a lot of people just want centrally located. You basically just want great attendance. Like I said, for me it's all based on attendance.

Q. Coach, talk a little bit about how your pitching works out for the tournament this week?
ELLIOTT AVENT: Well, you know, we're like everybody else. You're going on a short week from Thursday, Friday to Saturday. So you adjusted your pitching for that, and now you've got to go -- we have to go on Tuesday. A lot of teams have to go on Wednesday. So everybody has -- what you do for some of the pitchers going on short rest, just lose the bullpen in between, and they're doing something they haven't done before. So it's kind of a mental thing with some pitchers. Does it effect them mentally or whatever? But it's basically, everybody's making adjustments this time of the year, and you're trying to get ready for the postseason.

Q. Have you decided on your rotation for this week yet?
ELLIOTT AVENT: Well, we've got the first two pitchers. We're going to Johnny Piedmonte first game and Brian Brown second game.

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