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May 21, 2017

James Hahn

Irving, Texas

Q. James, great playing. You played great. That shot on the last hole you got to see it yet to see how much of the hole it caught.
JAMES HAHN: Yeah. I think I touched a lot of the hole. It was kind of my only chance of making it into the playoff. Made too many bad decisions on the back-9, led to three straight bogies and that kind of determined the tournament for me.

Q. 12, 13, 14, basically. That's such a great stretch of holes on this golf course. They really are, the elevation and all the shots you got to hit.
Really was, but I said on that putt that you had at 14 there's no way he can get that putt to the hole because Billy Horschel's ball never looked like it was going to get within four feet.

JAMES HAHN: Yeah, one I misplayed the way Billy's ball went down the hill, both Jason Day and I. It looked like it was really fast down-grain. It was into the wind and I haven't been putting well all day.

So, for me to, you know, kind of hit it up there and hope that it gets down there, you know, didn't put a good stroke on it.

That 3-putt there definitely was a stinger. I wish I had that one back. I made bogey on the hole before that. Just been misplaying the wind on the back-9. I think both my caddy and I needed a mulligan out there.

Q. That's okay. You're playing good. The swing is in balance, you have to have some positive takes. Hasn't been a great year but things are turning for James Hahn.
JAMES HAHN: It's going in the right direction. I wish I would have made a couple more putts today. I think I'm still in negative strokes for the week and that's very hard to swallow considering I'm one outside of the Playoffs. Hopefully we can regroup for next week.

Q. We might be talking next week.
JAMES HAHN: I hope so. You're pretty to look at.

Q. With James. You came about as close as possible to jarring that on the last to be part of that playoff. What did you see on that shot?
JAMES HAHN: I needed to hole it. Wasn't a good number for me. It was 54-degree wedge from 120 yards. I really don't hit my 54-degree wedge that far. I knew I had to fly it at least 122 and have it up there and spin back. I've been hitting my wedge shots good all week. Lipped out today. What can I say?

Q. What was your vantage point from the fairway?
JAMES HAHN: It was exactly where I wanted to hit it. I was looking at the green contour just before I hit it and I knew it broke left.

You know, when you're 120 yards out it lips out, it's hard to be mad about it. I had my -- like my good breaks for the week and I wasn't going to beg for the last shot.

Q. As far as that stretch, 12 through 14, you have the lead going into the 12th tee. I guess what was kind of the key as far as the little skid you had there?
JAMES HAHN: Just my caddy and I, we made some bad decisions out there. I tried to hit a hard 7-iron into the wind on 12. Misplayed the wind.

We thought it was a little left to right, it was actually right to left. Didn't put myself in a good spot and didn't hit a good putt down there for a bogey. Still had the lead at that point.

Put a good swing on the next hole and was just making mistake after mistake. You can't do that when you're competing against the world's best. They definitely took advantage of it.

Billy rolled in the 60 footer on 13 and Jason Day chips in. It seemed like their luck was running today and my luck was running out. Did a good job of kind of staying in contention but, you know, ultimately at the end, one stroke.

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