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May 20, 2017

Jason Dufner

Irving, Texas

Q. Jason, you got yourself in a good position there with 65 today, correct?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, today was a pretty good day. Moved up the leaderboard a little bit and I don't know, depending on what the guys do behind me, should have a decent chance to try and get another win.

Q. How was the eagle on 16?
JASON DUFNER: Good. I had a good number. I know that kind of funnels in there if you can get it right in the right spot. Kind of hit it close to where I wanted to. Got a good kick and got other people on the same line. Makes it pretty easy, too.

Q. Jason, you started pretty well back from the leaders today (inaudible).
JASON DUFNER: I don't really play like that. I kind of play the golf course as it is. Wind changed today so it made it a little more difficult on the front-9. The back-9, you have some chances to score. So I just played and I had a good score and the leaders drop back a little bit, we'll have another day tomorrow.

Q. Obviously got very good vibes around this place. Kind of sad to see it be last year?
JASON DUFNER: Little bit. We'll have to go and see what Trinity Forest is like. I don't have much control over the venues on the Tour.

I've had a lot of good history here. I've had some Top-10s. I had a win. In good position going into tomorrow. Maybe we can send it out with a win tomorrow and check out the new location next year.

Q. With the wind change make, 11 a little less risky than usual?
JASON DUFNER: I don't play 11 with a driver so it's the same to me. Lot of guys play driver there. For me it's not a big advantage. I can't really get it on the surface so I play it as a layup and a wedge.

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