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May 20, 2017

James Hahn

Irving, Texas

Q. I'm here with our leader, James Hahn, and when you were warming up this morning we were talking, you looked at me very calmly, "I'm just a work in progress."
I would say a bogey-free, 6 birdie round is a pretty good progress.

JAMES HAHN: It's definitely. I played well out there but, you know, I can go back and count --

Q. You can't do that. Just those last three putts that you had coming in, 16, 17, 18.
JAMES HAHN: No. It's something that I'm working on. I just want to see my line, hit my line and just take less time over the ball. I did well to do that today. Granted, I didn't make as many putts as I did in the 1st Round, shot the same score, but, overall, a good day.

Q. Pair of 64s in between a 70. What's the difference from your perspective?
JAMES HAHN: Nothing. Nothing. It's really -- it's that close, one putt here and there. I think the chip-in on 3 kind of settled things down. Who knows what would have happened if I didn't get it up and down.

Hopefully the same result is kind of what I'm gearing towards. Overall, just get one of those good breaks to happen to keep the momentum going.

Q. James, we talked on Thursday and that was an unbelievably good round of golf you played. Today calmer conditions. This round could have been special. You hit a lot of really good shots even though it was 6-under.
JAMES HAHN: I played well today. Could have been extra two, three birdies on front-9, probably three, four on the back-9. Overall, I can't complain over a 6-under. Glad to be in contention again and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. The putts on the back-9, the only thought it looked like it wasn't hit the way you wanted to, it was the one putt at 16. The reference they have, you hit it where you were looking.
JAMES HAHN: 7 and 8 I felt both of them should have gone in. Hole 16 I over-judged how slow it would be. It was a downhill putt. I thought it would be faster. With the rain last night the greens weren't quite as fast as they were the first couple of days so left it about two inches short.

Q. I heard a big roar. I was in the group behind you at No. 3 when you made it. Tell us about that shot. I heard you dunked it.
JAMES HAHN: It's basketball playoffs, right, so I figured might as well give them what we're looking for. Straight in the hole. I misjudged the lie. I thought it was a little into the grain so I swung a little harder than I should have but, overall, I had great line so fortunately hit the flag, went in and that was good.

Q. You looked like you were having a lot of fun out there with your caddie. You got to be excited about tomorrow.
JAMES HAHN: Absolutely. Both of us were in a good spot. We age at Boston Market last night and --

Q. Might be going there again.
JAMES HAHN: I didn't tell him I was going to eat there. He showed up 15 minutes after I sat down. Great minds think alike.

Q. We've been doing this conversation a few times when you've had a great chance on Sunday. Let's do this conversation tomorrow.
JAMES HAHN: Sounds good. I'd love to do it.

Q. What a day. What a day. That's what you said. Tell us about how. How did you feel out there? Another 64. Your second one this week.
JAMES HAHN: It felt really good. Started off well, chipped in on hole 3, kept the round going, really because anytime you chip-in early in the round it feels like it's going to be a good day.

I had a string of pars, could have made a couple more birdies on the front-9, even on the back-9 I left two, three, maybe even four strokes out there. Could have been a real special day. Happy with the 6-under.

Q. You had back to back birdies on 15 and 16. Put yourself in the outright lead there. Do you watch the leader, did you know your situation going into 18?
JAMES HAHN: I knew the situation making the turn. I knew Jason was having a tough day. I birdied No. 9 which I kind of put myself in two-way tie for 1st or something like that.

I was watching a little bit but, overall, I did not know I was in the lead until after I had missed my eagle putt on 16, tap-in for birdie. Left it short.

Little disappointed about that but anytime you miss an eagle putt, you're in the lead, it's kind of a good thing. Overall satisfied with how I finished.

Q. What do you have to do now to get you prepared for tomorrow now that you are probably going to sleep on the lead here?
JAMES HAHN: Just do the same thing that I've been doing the last couple of days, enjoy family time, have my wife and daughter here this week so just enjoy their company, try not to think about golf too much.

I feel like I'm hitting the ball well, just need to make a couple more putts even though it seems like 6-under I made a lot of putts out there, it really didn't feel quite the way I wanted it to so hopefully I could have another one tomorrow.

Q. We shall see. Good luck tomorrow. We appreciate your time.
JAMES HAHN: Thank you very much.

Q. Heck of a round for you, James. Looked like it was effortless for us watching you. Describe what it was like inside the ropes.
JAMES HAHN: It was great. I was hitting my lines. I don't think I made any bad swings out there today. I think the highlight was the drive on 16. Hit a great shot, 4-iron from about 230 yards, left the putt short.

Overall, chipped in on 3 so that kept the round going, made a lot of pars on the front-9. Birdie to close out the 9. Could have been special out there. I felt like I left a couple strokes out there so I'm excited to be in the lead, looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. You were at 10-under par going to the 15th hole. How did you get some separation, 15 and 16?
JAMES HAHN: 15 I hit a good tee shot down there, one of the best ones I had. You can't miss it right. Make sure I turn the ball over. Hit a really good drive down there, pitching wedge into the hole.

It was one of those days where I was leaving everything short. The only thing I was focusing on on Hole 15 is just get the ball down by the hole. Even though it was downhill, I felt like I hit it pretty firm. That one snuck in.

16, hit two really good shots, driver, 4-iron to about six, seven feet and unfortunately I left that one short. So you know, just one of those rounds where it could have been really good but definitely happy with the 6-under today.

Q. Can you talk about your round, seemed like you were really dialed in today.
JAMES HAHN: It was a great day. Really hit a lot of good shots out there. Don't think I really made any bad swings, even the missed green on 3 I ended up chipping that one in so it just keeps the round going.

Made some good putts coming down the stretch. Felt like I could have been a couple strokes better on the front-9 and back-9 but most definitely happy with a 6-under today.

Q. Do you have any thoughts at this point about changing courses to next year?
JAMES HAHN: 35 years here; is that correct?

Q. Yes.
JAMES HAHN: It's a little unfortunate with so much history at this golf course, the statue in front of Byron Nelson and all the awards that he's won and it's a little sad to see this golf course or the tournament being moved to a different golf course but AT&T is a big sponsor and I'm sure they're making a good decision.

Q. Was the chip-in on 3 the biggest momentum shift in the round today?
JAMES HAHN: That it was early in the round, I think so. It was a good chip shot. I just hit a little bit too hard and for it to go in instead of hitting the pin and possibly going 15, 20 feet away, you know, definitely feels like I stole one there and for me to settle down and make good swings on 4 and 5, make a couple birdies down the stretch, really settled things down a little bit.

Definitely anytime you chip-in early in the round I feel like it's one of those special rounds and, fortunately, played well enough to have a bogey-free round today.

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