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May 19, 2017

Al Horford

Boston, Massachusetts: Postgame

Cavaliers - 130, Celtics - 86.

Q. Brad said he thought you guys' misses early in the game kind of dictated how you played. Do you agree with that assessment?
AL HORFORD: Yeah. They got it going early. We missed some good looks that just didn't go down for us. We put ourselves in a hole real early.

Q. Earlier in this series you said you kind of looked back at that Game 7 when you played against the Celtics here your rookie season and you guys were eliminated when you guys got beat pretty badly. This is a very different scenario where you still have to play after going through a night like tonight. How do you guys keep your psyche high and strong and maintain belief that you can get back and try to grab a win Sunday night?
AL HORFORD: As bad as it is for us and our group right now, like you said, it's not over yet. You know, we still have Game 3 on Sunday. It hurts right now. It's tough. But we have that to look forward to. We just want to play better. We need to go out there and play better, compete throughout the 48 [minutes] and see what happens. Our backs are against the wall, and this will be a good opportunity.

Q. This game is so mental, and they just seem to be in your heads right now. Did you see discouragement out there? Mentally what are you guys like right now?
AL HORFORD: Yeah, I mean, obviously I feel like we're down, but our group is staying together. That's the most encouraging thing for me. We have a young group, but our guys in the locker room -- as hard as it was, because it was tough; tonight was very hard -- I saw a group of guys that we were sticking together. We weren't fragmenting. Nobody is pointing fingers. We're staying together. We're owning up to this. See what we need to do. Get some rest tomorrow. See how we can be better and be ready for Sunday.

Q. Considering the way you guys have approached games this season, how embarrassing was it to be caught into something like this, just kind of out of character?
AL HORFORD: It's hard. It's hard to take. We've worked really hard and put ourselves in this position to be here in the Conference Finals, and it's been tough for our group. Tonight was just real rough. There's just no way to put it. It's definitely a low point for our group. Like I've said, the only thing that encourages me is that our guys, we're all staying together. We're going to fight through it. We have that mindset.

Q. Brad has said the team is more of a finesse-style team. What do you have to do in Game 3 to stay true to who you are while being able to handle the physicality?
AL HORFORD: That's a good question. I think we just need to go out there and play. There's no magic formula. We need to just go out there and play, help each other on defense. And I'm sure that shots will fall on Sunday. They didn't tonight. We had some good looks, then we started to kind of get discouraged. The biggest thing for us is defensively, do what we do. We need to be way better. We haven't played to our potential I feel like the first two games. Just look forward to Sunday.

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