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May 19, 2017

Sean O'Hair

Irving, Texas

Q. Tough start out there, I think 3-over after three with a double bogey and bringing it back, shooting under par.
SEAN O'HAIR: Yeah. Definitely not the start I was hoping for. You know, I actually felt pretty comfortable with the game and just couple wayward swings and one of them went in the water on 3 and cost me a double, actually had to make a pretty long putt for a double.

I just told myself that just make some birdies and, you know, I was trying to focus on one birdie at a time and, you know, my goal for the day was to make five birdies and I did that and I was fortunate enough to shoot under par today.

Q. Got you right back in the tournament. Coming off the golf course on Thursday night, totally changed for you on Friday morning because of the wind.
SEAN O'HAIR: Yeah. You know, the front-9 was pretty windy for us and then once we turned on the back-9 it just died down for us and I hope it picks up for the guys in the afternoon.

But, yeah, it was nice, it was actually kind of nice the play in no wind and try and play a little bit more aggressive, especially off the tee.

Didn't help my score any but it definitely was nice to not play in 30-mile an hour winds.

Q. Good job. Set-up well for the weekend.
SEAN O'HAIR: Thank you.

Q. (Inaudible).
SEAN O'HAIR: I think I've always felt comfortable on it. You know, I mean I've been out here long enough where I think I've played bad or good pretty much everywhere, you know. Some places I've played better than others, of course, but I think this is one of those places I feel a little bit more comfortable, being from Texas and coming back home and playing in front of a few people I know and -- it's just comfortable and I think that helps me play better.

Q. You say a few people. How many are you talking about?
SEAN O'HAIR: Just guys I haven't seen in forever. You know, not a bunch of people. I don't have people calling me up for a bunch of tickets or anything.

Q. Just old friends?

Q. You grew up in Lubbock?

Q. Pretty windy out there.
SEAN O'HAIR: I'm not afraid to play in the wind but it is nice to play in benign conditions like this every now and then. But it's actually kind of a more fun golf course I think in the wind. You know, it's definitely a lot more challenging and I think the scores showed that yesterday.

You know, be nice to have some windy conditions on the weekend. I kind of welcome that because I think it would benefit me more for sure .

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