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May 19, 2017

Dustin Johnson

Irving, Texas

Q. Dustin, aside from the bogey on the last it was a pretty good day. How would you describe it?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Pretty solid. I felt like I did everything pretty well. Missed a couple of short putts on 14 and then on 1 at the turn but other than that it was pretty solid. Never really got in trouble and even on last hole I hit a good tee shot, hit a good second shot, just the wind switched and came back in my face instead of help. So I came up just short. Kind of a goofy lie there.

Q. With the change in conditions (inaudible) --
DUSTIN JOHNSON: This morning, the first 9 holes we played the wind was howling, really blowing hard like it was yesterday the whole day. But kind of laid back with 6 holes to go.

Q. You said you like where your game is at. What do you like about it?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: The game is still not quite as sharp as it was leading into Augusta, but it's getting there, it's getting close.

Q. So 3-under today, climb right back up to the top of the leaderboard, back to the leaderboard.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah. You know, another just solid round. I felt like I played pretty well. You know, bogeyed the last hole but I hit two good shots on the last hole, just came up a fraction short with the wind kind of switched and came back in my face instead of helping off the right.

Other than that, it was pretty solid day, hit a lot of good shots and rolled the putter pretty nicely.

Q. Lot calmer than yesterday?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: It was when we finished but starting this morning, I mean the back-9, which was my first 9 of the day, I thought it made really difficult. The wind was blowing just as hard as it was yesterday afternoon and then it kind of laid down there our last 6, 7 holes.

Q. I know it's been more than a month since the Masters when you had to withdraw. What is the process when you have a back injury and you need to trust it again, make sure you can do everything in terms of your game?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: There's no issues there. Just need to keep practicing to get back. I had to take almost I think four weeks off really, didn't practice or nothing. Takes a little time to get back into the form I was in leading into the Masters and it's getting there. I'm seeing signs of it. Still got to do some work to get back there.

Q. Supposed to get some rain tonight. Would you prefer the course to be soft?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Doesn't matter. Going to play it no matter if it's firm or soft. I don't care either way.

Q. Dustin, your weekend scoring average this year is significantly lower than last year. Do you feel like you've been able to find --
DUSTIN JOHNSON: I don't know. Obviously get more comfortable with the golf course and get a little more confidence. I've been -- I don't really know. I try to play as well as I can everyday so -- but hopefully my weekend goes better than the first two days. That would be nice.

Q. You've said you like playing here, it fits your eye. What exactly, can you be more specific about why this seems to fit your game?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: I mean I just like the course. You drive it straight, hit it in the fairway you can attack the golf course. But I like it ever since I came here, the way it sets up off the tees, the greens, I like the greens. I feel like I have a good feel on the greens, I can read the greens very well so yeah, I just like the golf course.

Q. Do you know your scoring average here is the second best to Tiger Woods?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: No, didn't know that.

Q. Do you feel like you've done everything here?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah. I feel like I could contend here a lot so I definitely like -- just put myself in position where I got a chance to win on Sunday.

Q. Have you played basketball at the gym?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: No, not this year.

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