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May 19, 2017

Grayson Murray

Irving, Texas

Q. 32 and 31 adds up to 63. Pretty nice number for a golfer. Tell me about the round.
GRAYSON MURRAY: It was stress-free. I think I hit 16 greens. I can't even tell you last time I did that. It took a lot of pressure off the rest of my game, honestly. When I hit it in play, it seemed like we had a good look at birdie every hole and, you know, this tract, if you get behind the 8 ball, if you hit it in certain spots around the greens it's very tough to get up and down kind of like I did yesterday, I kind of salvaged what I could out of yesterday's round.

So today I took advantage of it and, you know, this round has kind of been in the making for awhile. I've been playing pretty solid, just, you know, I guess it all clicked today.

Q. I watched you play at Sanderson Farms where you played so well. I expected you to take off. You made about 50 percent of the cuts out here.
What clicked out here today and what have you learned in a half a season?

GRAYSON MURRAY: I learned that yesterday I took a lot from it even though I shot 2-over, it was really tough conditions and it really kept me in the tournament, honestly. It could have been a 5, 6-over round and then you're trying just to make the cut if you shoot bad.

2-over, I knew coming out this morning the wind wasn't going to be as bad as it was yesterday afternoon. I didn't expect to shoot 7-under today but I knew 5, 6-under was definitely out there.

Q. Grayson, quite a turn around there from the 1st Round to the 2nd Round. Some comments on the day and the 63.
GRAYSON MURRAY: Yeah. I hit 16 greens which was key to my round today. I left myself lot of birdie putts and made 7 of them, obviously. Yesterday I felt -- I didn't feel that bad about the 2-over under the conditions and I knew -- I really turned a 5, 6-over round into 2-over yesterday. I didn't shoot myself out of the tournament by any means.

Today I had a little different approach. If I could get off to a hot start like I did I could turn a 5, 6-under round easily and one better. Obviously proud of it.

Q. Good to have a no bogey round.
GRAYSON MURRAY: It does. I can't remember the last time I hit 16 greens out of 18. I can't remember the last time I had in bogey-free round. Like I said, it was stress-free out there.

You know, I hit -- missed two greens. The ones I did, I basically just tried to give myself a putt for par and that was it. You know, I'm very pleased with how things turned out.

Q. Is this the first time you've been on this course?
GRAYSON MURRAY: This is the first time I've seen the course.

Q. Given that, are you surprised at all in you're able to shoot 63? Did you feel like you could learn the course right away?
GRAYSON MURRAY: That's kind of -- ever week is new to me this year with the exception of a few. I use the same approach as I did this week as I have been using, I don't try to wear myself out on Monday and Tuesday. Obviously I'm not in the Pro-Ams on Wednesday.

I get my work done and I feel like we have a good game plan that we put together every week. It's a matter of executing the shots like I did today.

Q. First time you practiced here did you feel comfortable, felt like this is a course that fits your eye?
GRAYSON MURRAY: The tree lines -- I grew up in North Carolina, kind of seeing these tree lines so that fits my eye and then these greens are bent which is what I grew up playing, I love bent greens.

So, I think yeah, it was just a matter of trying to figure out what clubs to hit off the tee and when to be aggressive and when not to and I feel like I think I pretty much hit the same club off of every tee with the exception of the par-3s this week. Sticking to the game plan and I think it's working.

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