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May 19, 2017

Billy Horschel

Irving, Texas

Q. 5-under today. You birdied your last three holes coming in. Did you find something, were you in the zone at that point, what happened?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I think I was just a nice, patient, peaceful place and trying to hit golf shot after golf shot and wasn't worrying about my score and it's nice to be in that position not having to worry about making a cut because, unfortunately, the last month hasn't been going the way I wanted and I've been focusing on trying to make the cut too much. Nice to come into a Friday and not have the worry about that.

Q. Is that what happened, is that what made the difference for you, really, is not worrying about the cut or did you find something?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I think my game has been in good shape really the last couple of months. The practice sessions are going really well. Haven't been carrying over to the course and it's been a little frustrating, the missing four cuts in a row. It's not something I done since I was a rookie on Tour.

I knew I was doing some good stuff and we just focus really on good tempo in the swing this week and trusting the putter. I putted really good last week at players, the PGX putter and rolling the ball beautifully. Should have put it in a long time ago if I were listening to Todd Anderson, put a face-balanced putter in. Takes a little while to get through this thick skull a little bit.

Q. You are first in strokes gained in putting this week. Is that a mental thing or you just think physically it's working, too?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I think it's both. I feel like I'm a good putter and putting this putter in I don't have the misses that I've had once in awhile with maybe something that's a little more toe hanging.

Having the putter in and seeing the ball roll the way I want on the line that I want with the speed that I want gives me a lot of confidence. Once you start making a couple putts I just sort of, you know, I feel like I can't miss.

Q. Well, seemed like that today. Congratulations on a good round and good luck this week.

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