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May 19, 2017

Mike Brown

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. Can you give us an update on Zaza and Andre?
MIKE BROWN: It's still questionable. Andre did some stuff today with us, and Zaza didn't do much.

Q. The other day when Zaza couldn't go at the start of the second half, you started small with Barnes. Would you do that if Zaza couldn't go?
MIKE BROWN: We could. It's something that if he can't go, we'll definitely talk about it. Obviously with the roster that we have, we have a lot of flexibility. We feel like we can start big if we want to. We've still got D. West there. We've still got JaVale there. We can go small with Matt Barnes. Depending on what the matches look like, we've started Patty [McCaw] before.

So we feel good about the different combination we can go to if need be.

Q. JaVale started a lot for Zaza in the regular season. How do you see JaVale's fit in this series, because he hasn't played a ton of minutes?
MIKE BROWN: His fit is good. One thing he is, he's obviously long and he's athletic. He can protect the paint for us. But the biggest thing is, too, he gets out in transition, runs, and he's always a lob threat at the rim. It's a little bit harder for their bigs to take their bodies off of him when they come help on our dribble-drives, because he's always on the back side ready to catch a lob or ready to get an offensive rebound.

Q. Kawhi is listed as questionable. But are you guys preparing for him to play tomorrow?
MIKE BROWN: Yes, we're preparing that he's going to play.

Q. I know this is a veteran team. Do you have to talk to them about maybe getting up and not getting lackadaisical because you won by so much last game?
MIKE BROWN: No, we're going about our business as normal. This is a team that we highly respect. We know this Game 3 is going to be tough. Pop is going to have them ready to go. They're a veteran group that knows how to win and has been in a lot of different situations. We respect the process, for sure.

Q. Steve [Kerr] always talks about how this team plays better when they feel a threat. Would you say the threat is there?
MIKE BROWN: Yeah, we do. We don't feel like we have a leg up on anybody. The series isn't over. We understand that. Game 3 is the next most important thing because it's in front of us.

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