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May 19, 2017

Kevin Durant

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. How do you expect things to be different here in San Antonio?
KEVIN DURANT: What do you mean?

Q. Just being in this environment.
KEVIN DURANT: It's a playoff atmosphere, man. Been here before in the Western Conference Finals three times now. I think they're just as loud in the regular season as they are around this time. They're a consistent fan base, loyal. They cheer for their team.

I went to college down here, so I know how deep that Spurs love is. It's going to be exciting. It's exciting. It's a great time of year for basketball players and fans around the country, around the world. Tonight's going to be -- tomorrow night, I'm sorry, is going to be one of those games where everybody's going to be tuned in.

Q. (Indiscernible)
KEVIN DURANT: No, I mean, not really. I mean, you look at the team each year and things change, the rules change, players move. So it's a different team, obviously. But being in this atmosphere against this team, I know what it's like.

I don't find myself thinking about it too much. So just walking in here, into the locker room as an opposing player, you know, it brings back a couple memories of playing here.

Q. The Spurs still list Kawhi today as questionable. Do you still approach that in terms that he's going to play tomorrow?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, he's going to play. I'm sure he's going to play. Game 3 at home, he's had a few days rest on that ankle. I know 100% sure he's going to play. I haven't talked to anybody, but that's just my gut. So, they're a way better team, obviously, with him on the court. They pose a different threat. We're excited to play. They're excited to play. So it should be a fun matchup.

Q. Are you all preparing like you're going to face him?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, we've been preparing for that after Game 1. He's a huge part of their offense. He has the ball in his hands every play. He's making plays, creating for his teammates and himself. So we scouted as if he's going to play. It's no different now.

Q. What do you think of that lawsuit a San Antonio fan did against the Warriors and Zaza?
KEVIN DURANT: That was funny. That was hilarious. That's how serious they take sports nowadays. I was laughing.

Q. Have you talked to Zaza to kind of like tell them, hey, don't worry about all the noise?
KEVIN DURANT: He's a 14-year veteran, a grown--- man with two kids, a couple jokes thrown his way here and there, couple boos, I don't think that's going to rattle him at all. He knows we've got his back. It's not that serious.

Q. You guys are 10-0 now. I'm curious in your mind what's driving, the margin of 17 points a game, what is driving this thing right now, this mission?
KEVIN DURANT: Oh, we're just trying to go out there and play. We're not coming out of the locker room saying let's win by 17, you know. Of course you want to win. That's the goal and you have to talk about it, but we just try to go out there each possession at a time and play good basketball each possession.

We pay attention to the details and that brings success for us. So we've got to continue to be that way. We know any given night we could be beaten if we're not on our game. So I think we're confident enough to know that when we play well, we're pretty good. But we also know that when we're sluggish, we don't pay attention to the small details, we could be beaten any night.

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