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May 18, 2017

Rafael Nadal

Rome, Italy

R. NADAL/J. Sock

6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Not an easy opponent tonight against someone who can play very well on this surface, but you have to be happy with the way you got this done in two sets and got a bit more time to recover as opposed to playing late into the night?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, no, good. Always is a good victory against Jack, no? He's a tough opponent. He hit the ball with big spin and so hard.

Yeah, I think I started the match well. Then in the second set again. But he played some good points. I didn't serve well with the 1-0, and then I had some tough moments few games after he break me back in the second.

But later I think I finished playing a more aggressive game and serving much better, no? At the end of the match, I think my serve worked much better, so that's important for me.

Yeah, I think I can play a little bit more aggressive than what I did tonight. I think I have to do it. But in general terms I am happy with the way that I played, obviously.

Q. After the final in Madrid, you said you was a little bit tired, but now your condition seems very good.
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, is always important to put attention at the first practices here, beginning of the tournament. You know, few days after big change from Madrid to here are dangerous, but at the same time was a lot of confidence with the victory in Madrid, no?

I am here to try my best. I know is a tough tournament. I don't have an easy draw here, a tough one. From the beginning is true that what happened to Nico was very bad news, but today again, second round against Sock is a tough one, and tomorrow against Dominic, he's the player that is having probably more success now on clay, no?

So will be another tough battle tomorrow. I hope to be ready for that battle, and I gonna try to play my best.

Q. Do you see the conditions compared to Madrid completely different? What do you think it could change or add to playing Thiem tomorrow?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, the conditions changes a lot, no? Because in Madrid was so quick. Then during the day here, if it's warm, then the ball is still quick. A little bit less than Madrid, but still quick. Then during the night is completely different, no? Match is slower here.

Tomorrow again, the day, gonna be another change. A lot of changes in just a few days, no?

But conditions are good, and if there is no wind, not much wind, there is good conditions to play good tennis, and I hope to be ready to play tomorrow to keep playing well, no?

Is important match again tomorrow for me. Is a chance to fight, to be in the final rounds again of the Masters 1000, so I gonna try my best to be ready for tomorrow.

I think I am playing well, so is a match tomorrow that I really need to play well if I want to have chances to go through.

Q. You're playing with a lot of confidence. You're winning everywhere. You played a good match tonight. Do you see if there is any room for improvement, some kind of aspects of your game that you can do, I don't know, better even though you played so good?
RAFAEL NADAL: There is always room to improve, no? That's why I wake up every morning, go to practice. I go to practice with the motivation to improve something, no?

I can serve, keep serving better, I can hit some more winners with the forehand, and is something that I am working every day to try to make that happen, no?

But in general terms is obvious that I am playing well, and I should be very happy the way that I am doing things.

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