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May 19, 2017

Manu Ginobili

Oakland, California - Practice Day

Q. What is the mindset of everybody knowing Kawhi's still questionable and you might have to play Game 3 without him?
MANU GINOBILI: The same way you face every game. You hope that he's ready and he can help us. If he doesn't, we'll try to face the game as if it's a Game 7. We know going down 3-0 would be tough to overcome, and Game 3 is huge. We had a tough one in Game 2. We struggled in multiple ways. We really need to take care of the next one.

Q. You only played just under six minutes in that game. How tough was it for you to sit and watch from the bench?
MANU GINOBILI: It was a tough game. I'm not completely shocked at the way the game developed. We were kind of hurting, not only because of Kawhi's absence, but because of the way the Game 1 went. So it was really a tough one in all sorts of ways.

I guess that after half Pop saw the game was not going to change much. I played more minutes than usual in Game 1, so that's why he didn't play me and decided to play the younger guys. So I think it was OK. But, of course, it was hard to see, hard to watch, because you want to be out there. Even if you are not going to change a lot, just be there with the rest of the team and try to do the best game possible.

But I guess when you are approaching 40, you get those days off, or half days off.

Q. You should be fresh for Game 3?
MANU GINOBILI: Oh, yeah, no excuses now. I had enough days.

Q. This is a series that the NBA and I guess you guys have been looking forward to for three years. Golden State has been that team. Is there a sense of disappointment that you all aren't giving them a better series?
MANU GINOBILI: Were you there at Game 1?

Q. Yeah.
MANU GINOBILI: I think we were pretty close. I don't think it was that far off of being a good game, and very tough. As I said before, the second game, when you are missing your most experienced player and your starting point guard, then you lose your leading scorer and go-to guy and you come from losing a game like the one we did, it's very hard to overcome.

It's not that we are satisfied for that or we're finding excuses. Those are the reasons I find, and I'm not proud of them. So, that's over. Now they beat us both games in their home. We've got to come and try to do the same here.

Q. With Kawhi being questionable, how does that change or affect your believability, as Pop talked about you guys not having that lack of belief there?
MANU GINOBILI: I think we had the game in which we felt sorry for ourselves and we struggled mentally, and now it's over. If he plays, great, because, of course, we all know what he'd give us on the court. If he doesn't, we've got to go and compete as hard as we can and do our best game. I think we do have to believe we have no option, and Game 3 in this situation is huge.

Q. They had 39 assists in Game 2. What can you do to at least limit that?
MANU GINOBILI: You can't look at stats from Game 2. You can't even consider them. When a game develops like that and they take a 20-point lead in a quarter, it's over. Everybody starts playing better. Everybody feels good about themselves. Different players, different everything.

They get a lot of assists normally because that's who they are and they have great shooters and that's the way they play. But I don't think we've got to look at Game 2 and look at the specifics. They outplayed us in every aspect of the game. So, of course, if you're going to look at any stat, it's going to be incredible for them and terrible for us.

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