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May 19, 2017

Patty Mills

Oakland, California - Practice Day

Q. Spirits up?
PATTY MILLS: Spirits up, spirits up. We have a great opportunity. They took care of home business the first two games, and we've got the opportunity to do the same thing. So, you know, really looking forward to it.

Q. Your belief level at this point is whereabouts?
PATTY MILLS: Yeah, for sure, we would obviously like to be two up or somewhere like that instead of being two down. But we're all right. We're in a spot where we have an opportunity, so, definitely belief is still there, confidence is still there. We just need to show it, and we didn't show it in Game 2. It obviously affected us. But like I said, we have an opportunity here at home to come out and play with passion and play hard. We earned that right. We earned the right. We respect each other so much that we deserve to come out and play hard and play Spurs basketball. We'll either come out and win playing Spurs basketball or we'll lose playing Spurs basketball.

But this thing is far from over. We have a lot of juice still in the tank to come out and owe it to each other to play the right way. So belief, confidence, all that stuff is still there because this is far from over.

Q. Do you think they sort of game planned to take you out? What can you do to break out?
PATTY MILLS: Yeah, no, it definitely feels that way as a focus, getting off the ball, and then denying it back and not letting me catch or not leaving. It's kind of the things that I've tried to do on defense. Definitely watching a lot of film the past couple of days and trying to work out ways around it. Yeah, there are some ways there that I've seen from watching film. So, like I said, we're leaving it all out on the floor tomorrow.

Q. How much did that help being at home, having some practice and sleeping in your own bed? How much did that help you mentally, physically?
PATTY MILLS: Yeah, I think mentally more than anything. To be back home, to be in a place of comfort, to be able to refocus, regroup, and take that time to yourself to really, I guess, reflect or understand what we need to go and do moving forward. So it was definitely good to be home here with the family and whatnot. But a good practice yesterday and regrouped, for sure.

Q. How have you seen Kawhi during these couple of days?
PATTY MILLS: Yeah, he's taking care of his business rehab-wise, as you can imagine. Trying to do everything he can to be back on the floor. He's professional that way. We're all professional that way. We're fortunate to have the people that we do in the training room to be able to take care of him. So as you can imagine, he's doing everything he can.

Q. Tony was out here yesterday. Did you talk to him at all or give him advice or tips or anything?
PATTY MILLS: Yeah, said happy birthday to him. Yeah, look, he's from what I was aware of, it was his first day of rehab yesterday. So he would like to be better off, I think, and then be out on the court playing with us. But I think he's just trying to take care of his knee at the moment and do what's best for him.

Q. So all indications are that he wants to continue playing and rehab?
PATTY MILLS: Who is that, Tony? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. It's just a really tough injury and a long process. We spoke about my shoulder for a little bit and how you don't really know from day one of rehab what you're in for until you're in the mix of it. So he kind of knows, obviously, that it's a long deal. But just like my shoulder, staring down day one of rehab, it's a long process, for sure.

Q. Is he able to walk and stuff? What's he physically like at this point?
PATTY MILLS: Yeah, walk. I don't know if you call it walking, but, yeah. He's getting around very gingerly.

Q. Does he have crutches?
PATTY MILLS: Crutches, yeah. Yeah.

Q. Does he now officially have grandpa juice as well?
PATTY MILLS: Oh, Geez. I don't know. If you compare it to Manu's, no, he doesn't. The way he's walking, no.

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