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May 18, 2017

Jason Day

Irving, Texas

Q. Jason, before we get into the round because it was a hell of a fight out there to post 2-under par, there were some big moments.
We've got a birdie off the sidewalk at 11, and we've got great approach shots ricocheting off flags on 16.

JASON DAY: I mean I have an eagle on 7 as well. It was kind of a weird day, really. I mean the one on 16, I hit a good wedge shot there and I think it was going to be stone dead, somewhere within five feet and sometimes, like I said to you out there, you wish that -- made a good putt and ended up with a good birdie on the last hole.

Q. We were talking on the walk from 16 to 17 about the gusts being a lot harder this afternoon than they were this morning. That 2-under par got to feel a lot better than it looked. That goes out this morning, you're maybe 4, 5-under par on that round.
JASON DAY: You're probably right there. I think I was looking at Dustin Johnson, he shot 3-under and I said to Colin, like 5, 6-under today in the afternoon. To be able to get out in 2-under, hopefully the wind can be a little bit calmer tomorrow morning for us and we can get out and get a good one in and try and just work our way up the leaderboard.

Q. Jason, to get to that 2-under, how important is that? I thought it was a big putt on 18. Got a lot out of this round.
JASON DAY: Yeah, good momentum building going into obviously tomorrow's round and the weekend but just to be able to play the way that I did coming up 18, obviously 18 is difficult hole in off the left. A tough wind for everyone. Pop a drive down the middle of the fairway there and I felt like I actually played pretty decent even though I didn't give myself a lot of opportunities with the short clubs in my hands but, once again, when you've got a lot of crosswinds got to hit the correct shot. You don't hit it it's going to exaggerate pretty big and you're going to have a lot of big misses. Overall, very happy.

Q. Jason, tough conditions this afternoon. If we can get some comments on your round.
JASON DAY: Yeah. I'm not too sure how far, like what the wind was doing this morning. I know that it was pretty breezy for most part of the day. It was very difficult, blowing up to 20, 30 miles an hour at times out there and get in at 2-under -- holed a nice putt on 18. Good momentum building going into tomorrow's round.

Q. A birdie off the cement, safe to call it kind of a scrambling round?
JASON DAY: Yes and no. I mean it's kind of hard. I mean like in this wind I think everyone is kind of scrambling, you know. I was not going to drop the ball way back on to the other side of the road. It was just in long grass and I wouldn't have been able to pop it out.

It was quite a simple shot. You just had to contact it correctly, contact it well, just get over and roll down the hill.

But, you know, sometimes you can get away with those ones. Obviously I got lucky off the cart and bounced back. I think for the most part everyone kind of scrambled a little bit today but obviously I know that I have good memories coming around this golf course, my first win as a Tour professional and I have three more days to go.

Q. Jason, you're wearing the patch for John Senden,you've got two kids (inaudible) --
JASON DAY: I mean it's not easy to go through whatever it is, if it's loved ones, people you know, it's never good things, especially as a child, his boy, you never want that to happen to a child. It's really, really sad.

Like you say, I've got two kids and could never even fathom thinking about going through something like that. It breaks my heart for him and, you know, I'm just hoping and praying for the best for him and his family because it is a difficult time for him.

I went through some cancer stuff with my mom this year and I know exactly what he's feeling like with regard to that but it's just -- you know, you can't do anything but just hope and pray that everything is going to be fine and the chemotherapy and the radiation he's going through will minimize the tumor that he has right now.

Obviously everyone is thinking about him, everyone is wearing the patch and the rubik cube. We're hoping for the best.

Q. You mentioned the feelings of being back here. You came back here a few years ago and had to leave because of the vertigo. How does it feel to actually be back here and playing again?
JASON DAY: Yeah. I live 40 minutes from here over in Fort Worth near Cowboy Stadium. Like I said, I won here back in 2010. Lot of good memories here. Kind of sad to see it go and go over to Trinity Forest. Obviously that's just another chapter that's going to open up for the Byron Nelson. Who knows, it may be back here in a few years. You just don't know about that.

But I had to play it once more just in case we never, ever came back here again because I love the place so much. It's a great set-up. The Salesmanship Club is doing a wonderful job running the tournament. It feels great to bring the family. I do miss the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It was home for me for at least a couple years and lot of good people down here.

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