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May 18, 2017

Stephen Curry

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. How can you guys promote more transition, tempo and rhythm for the game coming up?
STEPHEN CURRY: I think we did a good job of it in Game 2. We just have to get off to a good start in Game 3. It's going to be a pretty hostile environment. They're going to come out fighting, playing really aggressive. You can expect that. We've just got to be ready for any and everything and try to get off to a good start and give ourselves a lot of momentum early.

Q. What do you think of the All-NBA Team? You and Kevin on Second and Draymond on Third?
STEPHEN CURRY: We obviously appreciate that positioning, knowing a lot of guy guys had great years this year. We could go down the list and talk about each one individually. So it is nice to be recognized in some way, shape or form.

Obviously we have bigger fish to fry with trying to win a championship. You could obviously shout out Klay and his season. He definitely deserved to be on one of those teams. I know it's obviously a tough vote every year to figure out who goes where, but that's the guy that had an amazing season. He was very consistent all year long. So definitely deserved to be in that spot.

Q. I think in terms of those teams, Klay doesn't really get enough credit for his defense.
STEPHEN CURRY: We understand what Klay brings. If it's unheralded or whatnot, or people don't notice it, we appreciate what he brings to the floor every single night. We'll be the ones to praise him and to lift him up if need be, because he deserves that recognition for, like you said, his impact on both ends of the floor. You can fall in love with his jumper, you can fall in love with 60 points in three quarters or whatever, but he does bring an all-around game that is impressive. I know he takes pride in it.

Q. What type of mentality do you have to have to be a good shooter on the road?
STEPHEN CURRY: It's confidence, but really you don't think about nothing, really. You expect to make shots. You expect to shoot well no matter what zip code you're in. That's how shooters think. The only difference is just the noise after a shot goes in, whether it's 18,000 fans screaming or dead silence, that's pretty much it. You shoot the same shots, have the same aggression, but you don't really think about the difference really at all. When you have the ball in your hands, that's what we love.

Q. Are there any arenas you hate shooting in?
STEPHEN CURRY: There are some. I'm still trying to figure out how to explain it. There are depth-perception situations. There is lighting. Rims are softer in certain cities. The humidity and how the ball feels in certain cities. I love shooting in Miami; it's sticky because of the humidity down there. You have a better feel for the ball. The opposite of that is playing in Chicago when we go in the December, January, February months and it's freezing cold and the balls never really warm up, that's kind of tough to get used to.

Those are the little things you kind of notice. But at the end of the day, you get in that moment and have the ball in your hand, I'm not thinking about no none of that. I'm sure any great shooter is just shooting the ball.

Q. I read in a book recently where Klay's performance in Game 6 [of the 2016 Western Conference Finals] meant something to you.
STEPHEN CURRY: That was a good book, wasn't it? That was a good book? I heard it was Golden, right? The Miraculous Rise. Yeah, that's what's up.

Q. Go make some money now that you said it.
STEPHEN CURRY: Yeah (laughing). Written by Marcus Thompson. It was a great book, great book.

Q. Jeez, I should withdraw the question. Did Klay's performance in that game kind of elevate him, like he can go do it on the bigger stage?
STEPHEN CURRY: I always had confidence in him, from like 2013, when we played in San Antonio. Game 1 we had a big lead. I played well in Game 1 and we ended up losing that lead and Manu hits the three to win the game. We came back Game 2 and Klay was just gunslinging. It was unbelievable the way he impacted that game, shooting the ball and having a huge night. So we knew he was capable of it even from early in his career.

Anytime you can play well on the biggest stage, it's just amplified tenfold for everybody who is watching it and can feel that moment. So he didn't prove anything to us. Obviously, we appreciated the effort, and that was something that was truly special. But we expected him and know he has that in him at any point.

Q. Do you remember anything special about that game, a moment when Klay started going?
STEPHEN CURRY: Probably I think the beginning of the fourth quarter. He hit one at the top of the key from five or six feet beyond the three-point line, and his feet were like facing our bench. He just shot it. That was one of those heat check ones. You know it's going to be something special.

Q. What's your thought on the regular-season awards being presented on a show?
STEPHEN CURRY: I have mixed feelings about it, honestly, because having celebrated my MVP the last two years the traditional way, I guess you could call it, I really enjoyed just being at home and celebrating that moment with the people that helped me get to that place. My teammates, coaching staff, the fans that next home game, the staff and everybody that's part of the organization gets to feel and enjoy that moment. That is a special thing.

Whoever wins it this year isn't going to be able to do it right away in front of their fans and enjoy that. So that is the only part I have mixed emotions about, having to wait so long to hear who won. It will just be a different way to celebrate that moment for whoever that person is.

I'm sure it's going to be a great show. I'm sure it's going to be fun for fans. Everybody can kind of look back at the season as a whole at one time. But for the Defensive Player of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, MVP, those moments that you have on the floor, the fans going crazy, like I said, you get to enjoy it with the people that helped you get there. That's a special moment that if you had to wait so long, it's kind of different.

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